A Young Man in a Hurry

A Young Man in a Hurry is a collection of short stories by American writer Robert W. Chambers. A collection of light romantic tales in which Chambers' love of fishing and hunting and natural scenery prevails. The stories are set in America. The title story is a comedy of coincidence which has an atmospheric setting of nocturnal snow in New York.

Table of contents

  • "A Young Man in a Hurry"
  • "A Pilgrim"
  • "The Shining Band"
  • "One Man in a Million"
  • "The Fire-Warden"
  • "The Market-Hunter"
  • "The Path-Master"
  • "In Nauvoo"
  • "Marlett's Shoes"
  • "Pasque Florida"



The collection was originally published by Harper & Brothers, New York City, in 1904. It was published in Britain by Archibald Constable & Co Ltd, London in 1905.