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A Town Has Turned to Dust is a 1998 update of a 1958 made-for-TV film written by Rod Serling. It was originally shown on the Syfy Channel.



The setting is in 2215, several years after an apocalypse and Earth is divided into two camps. One camp is 'the Drivers', who scavenge the Earth for scrap metal to sell to the other camp, 'the Dwellers', who are descendents of American Indians. Jerry Paul is a successful, racist dweller-merchant whose wife is overly attentive to their driver-servant Tommy. Jerry has Tommy arrested on false charges of rape and theft. The town's Sheriff Denton is unable to stop a vigilante mob led by Jerry from lynching Tommy but the incident is recorded by a TV reporter named Hannify who is visiting Earth from New Angeles. The rest of the story revolves around how the report is used, revelations of a past crime, and a 'show down' in the style of High Noon.



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