A Tailored Gentleman

A Tailored Gentleman (Spanish: Caballero a la medida) is a 1954 Mexican comedy film, directed by Miguel M. Delgado and starring Cantinflas, Martha Valdés and Ángel Garasa.[1][2][3][4][5] The film's art direction was by Gunther Gerszo.

A Tailored Gentleman
Directed byMiguel M. Delgado
Produced byJacques Gelman
Written byMiguel M. Delgado
Jaime Salvador
Story byJaime Salvador
Martha Valdés
Ángel Garasa
Music byRaúl Lavista
CinematographyVíctor Herrera
Edited byJorge Bustos
Posa Films
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
1 September 1954
Running time
100 minutes


Cantinflas is a model of tuxedos for a tailor shop, wandering around in the streets wearing the tuxedos while also wearing an ad put on his back. In the meantime, he also works as a tailor for his neighbors, and collaborates with Lita (Martha Valdés) and Father Feliciano (Domingo Soler) in the neighborhood's dispensary, where Lita works as a nurse. At the same time, the life of Don Pascual Lachica (Ángel Garasa), an anguished millionaire whose family only respects him as a provider, is shown. One day after work, Cantinflas arrives to return the tuxedo, but the store was closed, so he takes the ad off his back and returns home while still well-dressed, running on his way home into the wedding of Don Pascual's daughter. Don Pascual, seeing him elegantly dressed, confuses him with a millionaire and likes the sincerity with which Cantinflas treats him and offers him his friendship.

Through Cantinflas, Don Pascual discovers that his money and himself can be useful to the poor, and provides money for the charitable works Cantinflas does. However, when Simón Sicario, the evil villain of Cantinflas's neighborhood, is murdered and robbed, Cantinflas is believed to be the culprit.



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