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ASpecialThing Records

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ASpecialThing Records
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Founded2006 (2006)
FounderRyan McManemin, Matt Belknap
Country of originU.S.
LocationLos Angeles, California



ASpecialThing Records is a stand-up comedy record label started by Matt Belknap and Ryan McManemin. Belknap was the creator of, an internet message board especially popular with West Coast comedy fans and McManemin was an executive at Sony/MGM and longtime member of the ASpecialThing message board.

Using the site as a launching pad, in late 2006 they announced to the web community that they would be starting their own record label, ASpecialThing Records. In February of the following year, comedian Jen Kirkman's Self Help was the first album released on the new label to great praise among "ASTers" as well as other comedy-related websites.


In addition to making comedy albums, Belknap and McManemin are active podcast producers. Belknap produces and co-hosts Never Not Funny, the Jimmy Pardo Podcast, and with McManemin produces Doug Benson's Doug Loves Movies and Greg Proops's The Smartest Man in the World, among other shows.


In 2017 ASpecialThing won the 2017 Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album and both McManemin and Belknap received award statues. They also received certificates that stated that they were not to melt down their statues nor charge admission to see them.