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A Princess for Christmas, billed in the UK as A Christmas Princess (previously known as the Canadian title Christmas at Castlebury Hall and A Princess for Castlebury) is a 2011 American made-for-television comedy-drama film directed by Michael Damian and starring Roger Moore, Katie McGrath, Sam Heughan, Charlotte Salt, Leilah de Meza, and Travis Turner. The film premiered December 3, 2011 on Hallmark Channel.

A Princess for Christmas
Written byJaneen Damian
Michael Damian
Directed byMichael Damian
StarringRoger Moore
Katie McGrath
Sam Heughan
Charlotte Salt
Leilah de Meza
Travis Turner
Theme music composerMark Thomas
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Janeen Damian
Michael Damian
CinematographyViorel Sergovici
Editor(s)Seth Flaum
Running time1:30
Production company(s)MediaPro Studios
Original networkHallmark Channel
Original release
  • December 3, 2011 (2011-12-03)



Jules Daly (Katie McGrath) becomes the legal guardian of her niece Maddie (Leilah de Meza) and nephew Milo (Travis Turner) after the loss of her sister and brother-in-law. Maddie is a fun-loving girl and Milo is a rebel and troublemaking teenager. After Jules gets laid off at work in Buffalo, New York and the children's nanny quits following Maddie's pranks, Jules reprimands Maddie for driving the nanny away and grounds Milo for sneaking out and shoplifting a game.

Paisley Winterbottom (Miles Richardson), the butler of the children's wealthy grandfather Duke Edward (Roger Moore), appears with an invitation for Milo and Maddie to spend the Christmas holidays with his employer. Jules initially refuses, but decides to go for the children's sake.

Arriving at the palace, Jules finds herself meeting Ashton (Sam Heughan), the brother of her sister's husband, and finds herself falling in love. Looking around, she finds no Christmas trees and asks the Duke why there isn't any. He replies he doesn't like them. Jules, however, takes Maddie out to get a tree and then they all decorate it. Edward finds out and becomes furious until Maddie hands him an ornament. He then tells the butler to send invitations out for the ball.

Overhearing Ashton and Edward speaking disapprovingly of someone "untitled" and "crass" they'd rather not invite to the ball, Jules mistakenly believes it to be about her. Though they are actually talking about someone else , an "awful grizzly woman" called Bunny McCracken.When the staff accidentally burns Jules' dress, she takes this as an excuse not to attend. Jules, feeling unwelcome, decides to go back to the US early only telling the children. Despite their efforts to make her stay, she leaves, asking them not to tell anyone until she is gone. Mrs. Birch, the housekeeper, finds that Jules is missing, so the staff retrieves her from the terminal.

Meanwhile at the ball, Ashton verifies his girlfriend Lady Arabella only wants him for his title. Jules arrives at the ball. When Ashton finds her, she says she is trying to not be an embarrassment. Confused, he asks for an explanation. From Jules' mistakenly interpreted eavesdropping, Ashton clears things up, and then they dance. Arabella and her parents unsuccessfully attempt to turn Edward and Ashton against Jules, then storm out. Ashton asks Jules to extend their stay and she agrees.

The family then goes and "catches Santa" putting gifts under the Christmas tree.



In August 2008, writer and director Michael Damian told OK Magazine that he was "working on a screenplay called Christmas At Castlebury Hall".[1] The film was shot at Peleş Castle, Stirbei Castle, the Bragadiru Palace[2] and at MediaPro Studios in Bucharest, Romania February and March 2011. The film's cinematographer is Viorel Sergovici.[3]
On July 16, Michael Damian announced the film's new name: A Princess for Christmas.[4]


Year Nominee / work Award Result
MovieGuide Awards--A Princess for Christmas[5]
2011 Most Inspirational Television Acting Grace Award: Sam Heughan Nominated
2011 Most Inspirational Television Acting Grace Award: Katie McGrath Nominated


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