A Nation of Immigrants

1964 edition published by Harper & Row

A Nation of Immigrants (ISBN 978-0-06-144754-9) is a 1958 book on American immigration by then U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts.


The book was originally written by Kennedy in 1958, while he was still a senator.[1] It was written as part of the Anti-Defamation League's series entitled the One Nation Library.[2] Subsequently, after gaining the presidency, he called on Congress to undertake a full reevaluation of immigration law; and he began to revise the book for further publication. In August 1963, excerpts of the 1958 pamphlet were published in the New York Times Magazine.[3] He was assassinated before completing the revision, but the book was nevertheless posthumously published in 1964 with an introduction by his brother, then Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.[4] In 2008, the book was re-issued by the Anti-Defamation League.[5]


The book contains a short history of immigration to the in Colonial America onwards, an analysis of the importance of immigration in the country's history, and proposals to liberalize immigration law.


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