A Lei do Amor (English title: Wounded Past; literal meaning: The Law of Love) is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo. It premiered on 3 October 2016, replacing Velho Chico.[1]

A Lei do Amor
A Lei do Amor title card.png
Created by
Directed byNatália Grimberg
Creative director(s)Denise Saraceni
Opening theme
Composer(s)Ricardo Leão
Country of originBrazil
Original language(s)Portuguese
No. of episodes155 (145 International version)
Production location(s)
  • Fabricio Ferreira
  • Willian Alves Correia
  • Rodrigo Clemente
  • Claudio Ferri
  • Renato Fernandez
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time29-57 minutes
Production company(s)Projac
Original networkRede Globo
Picture format(HDTV) 1080i
Original release3 October 2016 –
31 March 2017
Preceded byVelho Chico
Followed byA Força do Querer
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Created by Maria Adelaide Amaral and Vincent Villari, the telenovela is directed by Natalia Grimberg and Denise Saraceni.

It features performances by Cláudia Abreu, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Vera Holtz, Grazi Massafera, Tarcísio Meira, José Mayer, Ricardo Tozzi, Thiago Lacerda, Claudia Raia, Isabella Santoni, Humberto Carrão, Alice Wegmann and Heloísa Périssé in the main roles.

The plot features the story of Heloísa and Pedro who after years of separation meet once again and realize the feelings they had for each other, and the efforts of Tião and Magnólia to separate them. It also features politics, power, seduction, comedy, envy, and family drama in the fictitious town of São Dimas where the characters' lives intertwine to create cohesion and conflicts.


The story begins in 1995 in a fictitious city of São Dimas, a metropolitan region of São Paulo, which is a typical picture of society and politics. A medium-sized town, that has its main source of income from a weaving factory headed by businessman Fausto (Tarcísio Meira) and his wife Magnólia (Vera Holtz), known to many simply as Mág, whom the city's population has real veneration.

What most people don't know is that Mág, behind the veneer of false tenderness which all tend to view, hides her true nature; she is arrogant, authoritarian, always thirsty for power and without any scruples. By using various tricks to get what she wants no matter who gets hurt and trying to use these as justification that everything she does is to keep his family together. Fausto married Mág shortly after her first wife's death, who was Pedro's (Chay Suede/Reynaldo Gianecchini) mother. They have to other children Hércules and Vitória.

Pedro meets Heloísa, a young woman who lives a quiet life with her parents; her mother Cândida, who has leukemia, and the unemployed and alcoholic father Jorge. In an act of desperation, her father tries to rob the textile company owned by Fausto but ends up being indicted and arrested; in prison, there is a rebellion and the latter dies. Later, his mother also passes on from her disease for lack of proper treatment.

With Helô and Pedro's relationship, which started prior to the unfortunate events, Mág and Fausto cultivate a plan to separate the two. They hire Gabriela, a new secretary of Mág to seduce and lure Pedro to bed and they also contract Helô to a modeling agency run by Mág's trusted friend and confidante Gigi. In cahoots with Mág, Gigi sends Helô away from São Dimas for a modeling leaving Pedro vulnerable to Suzana. At the same time they cut communication between the two and Pedro felt that Helô had moved on without him. On the night of Helô surprise return, Pedro got drunk and fell a sleep. Mág demands Suzana to seduce Pedro. Helô finds the naked Suzana with Pedro and believes that Pedro betrayed (even though nothing really happened between the two and Pedro never knew about it till years later). During the anger episode Helô leaves São Dimas indefinitely to be a professional model where she meets Tião, a man that she marries and Pedro lives for France due to the pain he felt by Helô's absence.

Years later, Helô has seemingly moved on with her powerful Tião (José Mayer) who are apparently become distant over the years, with their two children; Letícia who suffers the same ailment the grandmother had and Edu who has a difficult relationship with his father. Pedro returns to São Dimas and their romance with Helô is rekindled, once more putting each other to the test as the forces that are set to separate them are more reinforced.[2]


Actor/actress Character
Cláudia Abreu Heloísa Martins Bezerra (Helô)[3]
Reynaldo Gianecchini Pedro Guedes Leitão[3]
Vera Holtz Magnólia Costa Leitão[4]
José Mayer Sebastião Bezerra (Tião)[5]
Grazi Massafera Luciane Leitão[6]
Tarcísio Meira Fausto Leitão[4]
Isabella Santoni Letícia Martins Bezerra[7]
Camila Morgado Vitória Costa Leitão Noronha[8]
Ricardo Tozzi Augusto Tavares[8]
Thiago Lacerda Ciro Noronha[8]
Danilo Grangheia Hércules Costa Leitão[6]
Claudia Raia Salete[9]
Daniel Rocha Gustavo[10]
Humberto Carrão Tiago Leitão[11]
Matheus Fagundes Eduardo Martins Bezerra ("Edu")[5]
Alice Wegmann Isabela Dias[12]
Bruna Hamú Camila Leitão[7]
Emanuelle Araújo Yara Garcia[7]
Tuca Andrada Misael de Oliveira[7]
Arianne Botelho Aline Garcia de Oliveira[7]
Otávio Augusto César Venturini[13]
Maurício Machado Arlindo Nacib[14]
Gil Coelho Wesley[15]
Bianca Müller Ana Luiza Costa Leitão[16]
Ana Rosa Zuleika Pessoa (Zuza)[17]
Maria Flor Flávia[7]
Regiane Alves Beth Tavares[8]
Danilo Ferreira Zelito[7]
Heloísa Périssé Mileide Rocha[7]
Titina Medeiros Ruty Raquel Rocha[18]
Armando Babaioff Bruno Pessoa[7]
Gabriel Chadan Robinson[7]
Érico Brás Jader Azevedo[19]
Pierre Baitelli Antônio Ferrari[18]
João Campos Élio Bataglia[20]
Tato Gabus Mendes Olavo Maciel[7]
Marcella Rica Jéssica[7]
Bia Montez Leila de Oliveira[21]

Special participationsEdit

Actor/actress Character
Regina Duarte Suzana Rivera
Isabelle Drummond Heloísa Martins (Helô) (first phase)[4]
Chay Suede Pedro Guedes Leitão (first phase)[4]
Sophia Abrahão Vitória Costa Leitão (first phase)[7]
Gabriela Duarte Suzana Rivera (first phase)[7]
Thiago Martins Sebastião Bezerra ("Tião") (first phase)[5]
Hugo Bonemer Augusto Tavares (first phase)[8]
Maurício Destri Ciro Noronha (first phase)[8]
Bianca Salgueiro Carmen da Silva Leitão (first phase)[7]
João Vítor Silva Hércules Costa Leitão (first phase)[7]
Denise Fraga Cândida Martins[22]
Daniel Ribeiro Jorge Martins[22]
Bruna Moleiro Yara Garcia (first phase)[23]
Acauã Sol Misael de Oliveira (first phase)
Theo Medon Élio Bataglia (first phase)
Ana Carolina Godoy Magnólia (young)


Volume 1Edit

A Lei do Amor - Vol. 1
Soundtrack album by
Various artists
Released14 October 2016
LabelSom Livre
1."Bachianas Brasileiras N2 (O Trenzinho do Caipira)"Ney Matogrosso 
3."No Meu País (ft. Xande de Pilares)"Zélia Duncan 
4."Step by Step"New Kids on the Block 
5."Meu Recado"Alice Caymmi 
6."Lovesong"Edson Cordeiro 
7."Chuva no Mar (ft. Marisa Monte)"Carminho 
8."Estado de Poesia"Chico César 
9."What's Up?"4 Non Blondes 
10."Levanta"Renata Jambeiro 
11."Folgado"Marília Mendonça 
12."Partículas do Amor"Márcia Castro 
13."Por Enquanto"Cássia Eller 
14."The Rip Tide"Beirut 

Volume 2Edit

A Lei do Amor - Vol. 2
Soundtrack album by
Various artists
Released17 February 2017
LabelSom Livre
1."Don't Wanna Fight"Alabama Shakes 
2."Water Under the Bridge"Adele 
3."Maior (by Milton Nascimento)"Dani Black 
4."A Distância Roberto Carlos"Roberto Carlos 
5."Aos Meus Pés"João Bosco 
6."Pessoa"Marina Lima 
7."Duele el corazón" (with Wisin)"Enrique Iglesias 
8."É Bom Para o Moral"Rita Cadillac 
9."Fogo"Gaby Amarantos 
10."Estrela Blue"Simone Mazzer 
11."Miracle"Above & Beyond 
12."Não Demora"Adriana Calcanhotto 
13."Fogueira"Angela Ro Ro 
14."Perdóname"Pablo Alborán 
15."Grito de Alerta"Gonzaguinha and Maria Rita 
16."Era Pra Ser"Maria Bethânia 
17."O Que Aconteceu Com o Nosso Amor?"Andrea Marquee 
18."Quem Leva a Vida Sou Eu"Lenine 
19."Cowboy Fora da Lei"Raul Seixas 
20."Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby (Bonus track)"The Tune Weavers 
21."O Calhambeque (Road Hog)" (Bonus track)"Roberto Carlos 


Timeslot # Eps. Premiere Finale Rank Season Average viewership
Date Viewers (in points) Date Viewers (in points)
9:10 pm
3 October 2016
31 March 2017
37[25] TBD 2016—17 TBD

The first episode of A Lei do Amor registered a viewership rating of 30 points in Greater São Paulo, the lowest viewership for the 8/9 pm telenovela premiere.[26]


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