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A Day of Fury is a 1956 Technicolor Western film directed by Harmon Jones starring Dale Robertson, Mara Corday and Jock Mahoney.

A Day of Fury
Directed byHarmon Jones
Produced byRobert Arthur
Screenplay byJames Edmiston
Oscar Brodney
Story byJames Edmiston
StarringDale Robertson
Mara Corday
Jock Mahoney
CinematographyEllis W. Carter
Edited bySherman Todd
Universal Pictures
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release date
  • May 1, 1956 (1956-05-01) (United States)
  • May 2, 1956 (1956-05-02) (Los Angeles)
Running time
78 minutes
CountryUnited States


A gunslinger named Jagade happens upon a stranger in trouble on the trail and saves his life. Jagade immediately regrets it upon learning the man is Alan Burnett, who is now only a U.S. Marshal but on his way to the town of West End to marry Jagade's former sweetheart that very day.

Jagade gets to town first and disrupts the proceedings. He taunts the betrothed woman, Sharman Fulton, in public. She was once a dancehall girl of low repute, but has since been taken into the home of the honorable Judge John J. McLean and has redeemed her reputation. Preacher Jason, nevertheless, calls off the wedding after Jagade sullies her name.

Burnett arrives but has no call to arrest Jagade and remains indebted for the gunfighter's aid on the trail. Jagade provokes him, forcing open the saloon on a Sunday against the town's regulation, infuriating the meek Miss Timmons and the Preacher, who now intends to burn the saloon down. To stop him, Sharman agrees to Jagade's condition that she don her red dancehall costume of old. She is called a harlot in town and kicked out of the Judge's home.

A young cowboy, Billy Brand, who admires Jagade shoots the preacher. But he is overcome with remorse when Miss Timmons is humiliated by Jagade and hangs herself. A church bell distracts Jagade during a shootout and Burnett's bullet fatally wounds him. As he dies, Jagade realizes the bell was rung in honor of the preacher he killed.



The film was released on a region free Blu-ray in France under the title 24 Heures de Terreur.

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