ARMZ Uranium Holding

ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. (AtomRedMetZoloto, a contraction of a Russian phrase meaning "Atom Rare Metals Gold") is a Russian uranium mining company. It is wholly owned by Atomenergoprom, a part of Rosatom.[1][2]

ARMZ Uranium Holding Co.
IndustryUranium mining
Founded1992 (1992)
Key people
Vadim Zhivov (Chairman)

AtomRedMetZoloto was founded in 1992. In 2008, all uranium mines in Russia as well as uranium mining related assets in other countries owned by Rosatom subsidiaries were brought under ARMZ Uranium Holding Co.

ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. mines uranium in Russia and Kazakhstan. New operations involve Armenia, Namibia and Canada.[2][3] In June 2009, ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. acquired 16.6% of shares in the Canadian uranium mining company Uranium One in exchange for a 50% interest in the Karatau, Kazakhstan uranium mining project, a joint venture with Kazatomprom.[4] In December 2013 an internal reorganization of Rosatom extinguished the interest of ARMZ, making Uranium One a direct subsidiary of Rosatom.[5]

In December 2010, ARMZ agreed to buy Australian-based Mantra Resources for US$1.15 billion, including its stake in a Tanzanian mine.[6]

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