APRA Awards (New Zealand)

The APRA Music Awards are several annual and two-yearly award ceremonies run in New Zealand by Australasian Performing Right Association to recognise songwriting skills, sales and airplay performance by its members. APRA hold the annual Silver Scroll Awards and song awards, selects an inductee into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame, and makes three professional development awards every second year. APRA also runs awards for its Australian members.

APRA Music Awards (New Zealand)
2019 APRA Silver Scroll Awards
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CountryNew Zealand
Presented byAustralasian Performing Right Association (APRA)
First awarded1965
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APRA Silver Scroll AwardsEdit

Each year all songwriters that are members of APRA with a song on general release in the eligibility period can enter the APRA Silver Scroll Award. For the APRA Silver Scroll Award, a judging panel of APRA members decides a shortlist of songs, which is then voted on by APRA's wider membership of 10,000+ songwriters and composers. The votes of the wider APRA membership decide the winner and finalists for the APRA Silver Scroll Award. The APRA Silver Scroll Award is awarded purely on the basis of songwriting.

Silver Scroll awardEdit

Silver Scroll winners are announced annually.[1]

Year Songwriter Performer Song
1965 Wayne Kent-Healey Herma Keil & The Keil Isles "Teardrops"
1966 Ray Columbus Ray Columbus "I Need You"
1967 Roger Skinner Larry's Rebels "Let's Think of Something"
1968 David Jordan David Jordan "I Shall Take My Leave"
1969 David Jordan The Avengers "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"
1970 Wayne Mason The Fourmyula "Nature"
1971 Corben Simpson Littlejohn "Have You Heard a Man Cry?"
1972 Stephen Robinson Tamburlaine "Lady Wakes Up"
1973 Ray Columbus and Mike Harvey Ray Columbus and Mike Harvey "Jangles, Spangles and Banners"
1974 John Hanlon John Hanlon "Lovely Lady"
1975 John Hanlon John Hanlon "Windsongs"
1976 Mike Harvey Salty Dogg "All Gone Away"
1977 Lea Maalfrid Lea Maalfrid "Lavender Mountain"
1978 Steve Allen Steve Allen "Why Do They?"
1979 Sharon O'Neill Sharon O'Neill "Face In a Rainbow"
1980 Paul Schreuder Paul Schreuder "You've Got Me Loving You"
1981[i] Phil Judd, Wayne Stevens and Mark Hough The Swingers "Counting the Beat"
1982 Stephen Young Mother Goose "I Can't Sing Very Well"
1983 Stephen Bell-Booth Stephen Bell-Booth "All I Want Is You"
1984 Hammond Gamble - Winner Silver Scroll

Wayne Gillespie - Special APRA Award

Hammond Gamble

Wayne Gillespie

"Look What Midnight's Done to Me"

"Away With You"

1985 Malcolm Black and Nick Sampson Netherworld Dancing Toys "For Today"
1986 Tony Waine Tony Waine "Abandoned By Love"
1987 Dave Dobbyn Dave Dobbyn "You Oughta Be In Love"
1988 Shona Laing Shona Laing "Soviet Snow"
1989 Stephen Bell-Booth Stephen Bell-Booth "Hand It Over"
1990 Guy Wishart Guy Wishart "Don't Take Me For Granted"
1991 Rikki Morris Rikki Morris "Heartbroke"
1992 Shona Laing Shona Laing "Mercy of Love"
1993 Dave Dobbyn Dave Dobbyn "Belle of the Ball"
1994 Don McGlashan The Mutton Birds "Anchor Me"
1995 Mark Tierney, Paul Casserly, and Anthony Ioasa Strawpeople "Sweet Disorder"
1996 Bic Runga Bic Runga "Drive"
1997 Greg Johnson Greg Johnson "Liberty"
1998 Dave Dobbyn Dave Dobbyn "Beside You"
1999 Bill Urale King Kapisi "Reverse Resistance"
2000 Chris Knox Chris Knox "My Only Friend"
2001 Neil Finn Neil Finn with Sheryl Crow "Turn and Run"
2002 Che Ness and Godfrey de Grut Che Fu "Misty Frequencies"
2003 Donald McNulty, Te Awanui Reeder, David Atai, Junior Rikiau and Feleti Strickson-Pua Nesian Mystik "For the People"
2004 Malo Luafutu and Peter Wadams Scribe "Not Many"
2005 Dan Hume, Peter Hume and Jon Hume Evermore "It's Too Late"
2006 Don McGlashan Mt Raskil Preservation Society feat Hollie Smith "Bathe In the River"
2007 Brooke Fraser Brooke Fraser "Albertine"
2008 Jason Kerrison, Bobby Kennedy, Matt Treacy and Clinton Harris Opshop "One Day"
2009 James Milne and Luke Buda Lawrence Arabia "Apple Pie Bed"
2010 Aaron Short, Thom Powers and Alisa Xayalith The Naked and Famous "Young Blood"
2011 Dave Baxter Avalanche City "Love Love Love"
2012 Stephanie Brown Lips “Everything To Me”
2013 Ella Yelich-O’Connor and Joel Little Lorde "Royals"
2014 Tami Neilson & Jay (Joshua) Neilson Tami Neilson "Walk (Back To Your Arms)"
2015 Ruban Nielson, Kody Nielson Unknown Mortal Orchestra "Multi-Love"
2016 Thomas Oliver Thomas Oliver "If I Move to Mars"
2017 Ella Yelich O'Connor, Jack Antonoff and Joel Little Lorde "Green Light"
2018 Marlon Williams Marlon Williams "Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore"
2019 Aldous Harding Aldous Harding "The Barrel"
  1. ^ No award was presented in 1981. At the 2015 awards APRA retrospectively presented 1981's "Lost Scroll".[2]

Sounz Contemporary AwardEdit

Established in 1998 and supported by the music composition promotional group Sounz, the Sounz Contemporary Award recognises works by New Zealand composers.[3] The winner received a $3000 cash prize and a trophy designed by sculptor Sarah Smuts Kennedy.[4]

Year Winner Song
1998 Eve de Castro-Robinson "Chaos of Delight"
1999 Gillian Whitehead "Outrageous Fortune"
2000 Ross Harris "To the Memory of I. S. Totzka"
2001 Gillian Whitehead "The Improbable Ordered Dance for Orchestra"
2002 John Psathas "View From Olympus"
2003 Gillian Whitehead "Alice"
2004 John Psathas "Piano Concerto"
2005 Ross Harris "Labyrinth for Tuba and Orchestra"
2006 Ross Harris "Symphony No. 2"
2007 Eve de Castro-Robinson "These Arms to Hold You"
2008 Chris Gendall "Wax Lyrical"
2009 Ross Harris "Symphony III"
2010 Chris Cree Brown "Inner Bellow"
2011 Lyell Cresswell “Concerto for Piano and Orchestra”
2012 Alex Taylor “[inner]”
2013 Karlo Margetic "Lightbox" for piano trio
2014 Michael Norris "Inner Phases" for Chinese instrument ensemble and string quartet
2015 Chris Watson "sing songs self", a single movement piano concerto
2016 Salina Fisher "Rainphase"
2017 Salina Fisher "Tōrino - echoes on pūtōrino improvisations by Rob Thorne"
2018 Michael Norris Sygyt
2019 Michael Norris Sama Violin Concerto

APRA Maioha AwardEdit

Established in 2003, the APRA Maioha Award recognises contemporary Maori music. The winner receives a $3000 cash prize and is the annual guardian of award sculpture Te Ngore, crafted by sculptor Brian Flintoff.[5]

Year Winner Song
2003 Ngaiwi Apanui "Wharikihia"
2004 Ruia Aperahama "E Tae"
2005 Anituatua Black & Whirimako Black "Tini Whetu"
2006 Richard Bennett "E Hine"
2007 Andrea Tunks & Pierre Tohe "Aio"
2008 Ruia Aperahama "Rere Reta Rere Reta"
2009 Rewi Spraggon & Riki Bennett "Tapapakanga"
2010 Jamie Greenslade "Sin City"
2011 Tyna Keelan “Ko Koe”
2012 Te Awanui Reeder, David Atai & Scotty Morrison "Matahīapo"
2013 Maisey Rika, Te Kahautu Maxwell, and Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper "Ruaimoko"
2014 Rob Ruha "Tiki Tapu"
2015 Vince Harder, Stan Walker, and Troy Kingi "Aotearoa"
2016 Rob Ruha "Kariri"
2017 Lewis de Jong, Henry de Jong, and Ethan Trembath (Alien Weaponry) "Raupatu"
2018 Ria Hall, Tiki Taane, and Te Ori Paki "Te Ahi Kai Pō”

APRA Screen AwardsEdit

Established in 2014, the APRA Screen Awards consist of the APRA Best Original Music in a Feature Film Award and the APRA Best Original Music in a Series Award, celebrating the work of New Zealand's film composers. As of 2014, the winner of each award receives a $1500 cash prize and is the annual guardian of a trophy.[6]

Year APRA Best Original Music in a Feature Film Award APRA Best Original Music in a Series Award
Composer(s) Composition Composer(s) Composition
2014 Victoria Kelly Field Punishment No. 1 Tom McLeod Girl vs. Boy (Series 2)
2015 Grayson Gilmour Consent Tom McLeod Girl vs. Boy (Series 3)
2016 Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper and Tama Waipara Mahana Karl Steven 800 Words
2017 Tim Prebble One Thousand Ropes Claire Cowan Hillary

Most Performed New Zealand Work in New Zealand and InternationallyEdit

Between 1994 and 2015, APRA also awarded the New Zealand songs most played in New Zealand and around the world each year. While the national award was highly contested, from 2000 to 2012 the international award was dominated by Crowded House's 1986 song "Don't Dream It's Over".[7]

New Zealand Music Hall of FameEdit

Created in 2007 in conjunction with the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand (RIANZ), the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame pays tribute to those who have "shaped, influenced and advanced popular music in New Zealand." Two musicians or groups are inducted into the hall each year, one at the APRA Silver Scroll Awards, decided by APRA, and the other is the winner of the Legacy Award at the New Zealand Music Awards (NZMAs), selected by RIANZ.[8]

APRA Song AwardsEdit

Separate to the Silver Scroll awards, APRA recognises New Zealand songwriting in four specific genres.[9]

APRA Best Country Music SongEdit

Established in 2004, the APRA Best Country Music Song is presented as part of the NZ Country Music Awards at the annual Gold Guitar celebrations of New Zealand country music.[10]

Year Winner Song
2004 Donna Dean "Work It Out"
2005 Kylie Harris "Give Me Something To Go On"
2006 Jools Topp (Topp Twins) "Tamworth"
2007 Barry Saunders "Pale Sun"
2008 Bruce Dennis "Ain't Gonna Run"
2009 Jess Chambers (Woolshed Sessions) "Stringing Me Along"
2010 Matt Langley "7:13"
2011 Donna Dean "What Am I Gonna Do?"
2012 Delaney Davidson "You're A Loser"
2013 Marlon Williams & Delaney Davidson "Bloodletter"
2014 Tami Neilson & Delaney Davidson "Whiskey & Kisses"
2015 Kaylee Bell & Jared Porter "Pieces"
2016 Mel Parsons "Alberta Sun"
2017 Chester Travis "Toothache"

APRA Best Pacific SongEdit

Established in 2005, the APRA Best Pacific Song award celebrates Pacific music. It is presented as part of the annual Pacific Music Awards.[11]

Year Writer(s) Performer Song
2005 Kas Futialo & Ian Seumanu Tha Feelstyle "Su'amalie"
2006 Savage Savage "Swing"
2007 Spacifix Spacifix "Gotta Get Like This"
2008 Malo Luafutu (Scribe) with Tyra Hammond, Jordan Iusitini & Aaron Iusitini Scribe featuring Tyra Hammond "Say It Again"
2009 Donald McNulty, Te Awanui Reeder, David Atai, Junior Rikiau,
Feleti Strickson-Pua & Heath Manukau
Nesian Mystik "Nesian 101"
2010 Tonga Vaea and Three Houses Down Three Houses Down "Kanikapila"
2011 Donald McNulty, Te Awanui Reeder, David Atai, Junior Rikiau,
Feleti Strickson-Pua & Heath Manukau
Nesian Mystik "Sun Goes Down"
2012 Nainz and Viiz Tupa’i Adeaze "Paradise"
2013 Aaradhna Patel Aaradhna "Wake Up"
2014 Mark Vanilau Mark Vanilau "Giant of the Sea"
2015 Sid Diamond, Fred Fa'Afou, Tyree Tautogia, Joshua Fountain, Pieter Tuhoro Smashproof “Survivors" (featuring Pieter T)
2016 Annie Tonumali’i and Pearl Va’afusuaga Annie Grace "E Le Galo"
2017 Aaradhna Patel Aaradhna "Brown Girl"

APRA Best Maori SongwriterEdit

Established in 2008, the APRA Best Maori Songwriter award celebrates Maori music. It is presented as part of the annual Waiata Maori Music Awards.[12]

Year Writer
2008 Ruia Aperahama
2009 Donald McNulty, Te Awanui Reeder, David Atai, Junior Rikiau, Feleti Strickson-Pua & Heath Manukau (Nesian Mystik)
2010 Maisey Rika
2011 Tiki Taane
2012 Te Awanui Reeder
2013 Maisey Rika
2014 Rob Ruha
2015 Ranea Aperahama
2016 Rob Ruha
2017 Rory Noble

APRA Children's Song of the YearEdit

Established in 2008, the APRA Children's Song of the Year celebrates songwriters and composers who write for New Zealand children. APRA also sponsors the What Now Children's Music Video of the Year. The awards were previously presented at the annual StarFest event, as part of the annual KidsFest festival in Christchurch, but as of 2014 they were presented live on What Now. The winning song wins a $1000 prize.[13]

Year Winner Song
2008 Craig Smith, "Wonky Donkey" and Claudia Gunn "Lullaby Time"
2009 Levity Beet "Little Blue"
2010 Claudia Gunn "Home Sweet Home"
2011 Rob Wigley "Beans About Beans"
2012 Levity Beet "Sometimes I Make Mistakes"
2013 Chanelle Davis "If I Was a Fuzzy Buzzy Bumblebee"
2014 Anika Moa "Colours are Beautiful"
2015 Levity Beet and Daniel Stryczek "There’s One in the Bush"
2016 Lucy Hiku & Jenny Payne (Itty Bitty Beats) "Pō Mārie"
2017 Jeremy Dillon & Ben Sinclair (Moe & Friends) "We Like Pets!"

APRA Best Jazz CompositionEdit

Established in 2016, the APRA Best Jazz Composition award recognises outstanding composition in jazz. The award is presented annually at the Wellington Jazz Festival.[14]

Year Winner Song
2016 Callum Allardice "Sons of Thunder"
2017 Callum Allardice "Deep Thought"

APRA Professional Development AwardsEdit

The APRA Professional Development Awards were established in 2005 and are awarded biennially. Initially awarded to one recipient, three awards are now given each round, recognising excellence in the fields of classical, pop contemporary, and film, television and video. Each recipient is awarded $12,000 cash to advance their careers through study or travel.[15]

Year Professional Development Award
2005 Robin Toan
2007 John Chong Nee
Film, TV & VIdeo Pop Contemporary Classical
2009 Grayson Gilmour Jessica Hansell Samuel Holloway
2011 Stephen Gallagher Miriam Clancy Simon Eastwood
2013 Karl Steven Nick Gaffaney Alex Taylor
2015 Hamish Oliver Mara TK Sarah Ballard

APRA Top 100 New Zealand Songs of All TimeEdit

In 2001, the APRA Top 100 New Zealand Songs of All Time was compiled by members of APRA to commemorate the organisation's 75th anniversary. The top 30 entries were used to create the Nature's Best compilation CD, with the rest of the list appearing in follow-up compilations. A similar list was made in Australia of the top 30 Australian songs.


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