The APF Microcomputer System[1] is a second generation 8-bit cartridge-based home video game console released in October 1978 by APF Electronics Inc. with six cartridges.[2] The console is often referred to M-1000 or MP-1000, which are the two model numbers of the console. The APF-MP1000 comes built-in with the game Rocket Patrol. The APF-MP1000 is a part of the APF Imagination Machine.

APF MP-1000 logo.png
Also known asM-1000
ManufacturerAPF Electronics Inc.
TypeHome video game console
GenerationSecond generation
Release dateOctober 1978; 42 years ago (1978-10)
CPUMotorola 6800 (8 bit) @ 0.895 MHz (3.579 MHz oscillator divided by 4)
Memory1 KB RAM
Graphics256 x 192 (8 colors)
Power7.5 V AC 0.8 A or 12 V DC 0.5 A
PredecessorAPF TV Fun series

It is the successor to the APF TV Fun line of first generation consoles.

Technical specificationsEdit

The APF MP1000 was the only second generation video game console based on the Motorola 6800 processor.
  • CPU: Motorola 6800 (8 bit) @ 0.895 MHz (3.579 MHz oscillator divided by 4)
  • RAM: 1 KB
  • Video Display Controller: MC6847
  • Palette : 8 colors
  • Resolutions: 256×192×4 / 128×192×8
  • Power Supply: 7.5 V AC 0.8 A or 12 V DC 0.5 A

Cartridge listEdit

Some APF-M1000 games
  • MG1008 Backgammon
  • MG1006 Baseball
  • MG1007 Blackjack
  • MG1004 Bowling/Micro Match
  • MG1012 Boxing
  • MG1005 Brickdown/Shooting Gallery
  • MG1009 Casino I: Roulette/Keno/Slots
  • MG1001 Catena
  • MG1003 Hangman/Tic Tac Toe/Doodle
  • MG1011 Pinball/Dungeon Hunt/Blockout
  • Built-In Rocket Patrol
  • MG1013 Space Destroyers
  • MG1010 UFO/Sea Monster/Break It Down/Rebuild/Shoot


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Further readingEdit

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