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A PRC-117 radio and SATCOM antenna

The AN/PRC-117 Multiband Manpack Radio, or Multiband Multi Mission Radio (MBMMR), is a man-portable, tactical software-defined combat-net radio, manufactured by Harris Corporation, in two different version:

  • Version F (Foxtrot), namely AN/PRC-117F-MP Falcon II series, covering the 30-512 MHz frequency range, provided without internal GPS (optionally an external commercial GPS can be connected, or a GPS SAASM as a Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver [PLGR] or a Defense Advanced GPS Receiver [DAGR]);[1]
  • Version G (Golf), namely AN/PRC-117G-MP Falcon III series, covering the 30-2000 MHz frequency range, and provided with internal SAASM GPS (optionally an external commercial GPS can be connected).[2]

Both radios have NSA certification for the transmission of voice and data traffic up to the Top Secret level.[3]

The designation AN/PRC translates to "Army Navy / Portable Radio Communications" used for two way Communications, according to Joint Electronics Type Designation System guidelines. The radios are also provided in a vehicular configuration under the AN/VRC-103 nomenclature.


The AN/PRC-117F/G radio is currently in use with the United States Navy Seabee and EOD teams in their MRAP and JERRV vehicles.[1] The radio is also in use by the United States Marine Corps,[4] United States Army,[5] USSOCOM,[6] United States Coast Guard, United States Air Force,[7] Royal Air Force,[8] Dutch Army, Spanish Air Force, British Army, Norwegian Armed Forces, Danish Army, Croatian Army[9] Canadian Forces in Afghanistan and German Armed Forces.[10]

The radio is part of an Over-the-horizon Satellite Communications and Improved Dual Command and Control Console system recognized by the US Army as a Top 10 Invention in 2005.[11]

The radio has also been embedded in remote mine hunting systems for the US Navy.[12]


AN/PRC-117G in the National Cryptologic Museum


  • Frequency Range: 30 MHz to 2 GHz
  • Presets: 100 (110 including DAMA)
  • Transmission Modes: FM, AM, PSK, CPM
  • Tuning Resolution: 10 Hz
  • Model: RT-1796 (P)(C)/U


  • Output Power: 1 W to 20 W (Max)
  • Harmonic Suppression: –40 dBc
  • Frequency Stability: +/- 1.0 ppm


  • FM Sensitivity -118 dBm (10 dB SINAD)
  • Adjacent Channel Rejection 60 dB



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  • 3.7H x 7.4W x 8.8D in. (w/o battery case)
  • Weight 8.2 lbs (without batteries)

12 lbs with batteries


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