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The AMA Motocross Championship is an American motorcycle racing series. The motocross race series was founded and sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) in 1972.[1] The series is the major outdoor motocross series in the United States and is managed by MX Sports Pro Racing.


Series historyEdit

The series began in 1972 with the introduction of two classes based on 500 cc and 250 cc engine displacement formulas.[2] A 125 cc class was added in 1974. As motocross technology developed, 500 cc two-stroke motocross bikes became too powerful for the average rider and, faced with diminishing numbers of competitors, the A.M.A. discontinued the 500 cc class after the 1993 season. A women's national championship series was introduced in 1996.[3]

Due to the low relative power output of a four stroke engine, compared to the then-dominating two stroke design, the A.M.A. had increased the allowable displacement capacity for four-stroke engines. By 1994, the displacement limit of a four stroke power motocross bike was up to 550cc in the 250 class, to incentivize manufactures to further develop the design for use in motocross. [4]

In 2006, the 250 cc division was renamed the MX Class, with an engine formula allowing for 150–250 cc two-stroke or 250–450 cc four-stroke machines.[5] The 125 cc class was renamed the MX Lites Class, allowing 0–125 cc two-stroke or 150–250 cc four-stroke engines. In 2009, the MX class was renamed the 450 Class and the MX Lites class was renamed the 250 Class, to reflect the fact that all the competing manufacturers had adopted four-stroke machinery.

National ChampionsEdit


Year 500cc 250cc 125cc
1972   Brad Lackey (Kawasaki)   Gary Jones (Yamaha)
1973   Pierre Karsmakers (Yamaha)   Gary Jones (Honda)
1974   Jimmy Weinert (Kawasaki)   Gary Jones (Can-Am)   Marty Smith (Honda)
1975   Jimmy Weinert (Yamaha)   Tony DiStefano (Suzuki)   Marty Smith (Honda)
1976   Kent Howerton (Husqvarna)   Tony DiStefano (Suzuki)   Bob Hannah (Yamaha)
1977   Marty Smith (Honda)   Tony DiStefano (Suzuki)   Broc Glover (Yamaha)
1978   Rick Burgett (Yamaha)   Bob Hannah (Yamaha)   Broc Glover (Yamaha)
1979   Danny LaPorte (Suzuki)   Bob Hannah (Yamaha)   Broc GloverYamaha)
1980   Chuck Sun (Honda)   Kent Howerton (Suzuki)   Mark Barnett (Suzuki)
1981   Broc Glover (Yamaha)   Kent Howerton (Suzuki)   Mark Barnett (Suzuki)
1982   Darrell Schultz (Honda)   Donnie Hansen (Honda)   Mark Barnett (Suzuki)
1983   Broc Glover (Yamaha)   David Bailey (Honda)   Johnny O'Mara (Honda)
1984   David Bailey (Honda)   Rick Johnson (Yamaha)   Jeff Ward (Kawasaki)
1985   Broc Glover (Yamaha)   Jeff Ward (Kawasaki)   Ron Lechien (Honda)
1986   David Bailey (Honda)   Rick Johnson (Honda)   Micky Dymond (Honda)
1987   Rick Johnson (Honda)   Rick Johnson (Honda)   Micky Dymond (Honda)
1988   Rick Johnson (Honda)   Jeff Ward (Kawasaki)   George Holland (Honda)
1989   Jeff Ward (Kawasaki)   Jeff Stanton (Honda)   Mike Kiedrowski (Honda)
1990   Jeff Ward (Kawasaki)   Jeff Stanton (Honda)   Guy Cooper (Suzuki)
1991   Jean-Michel Bayle (Honda)   Jean-Michel Bayle (Honda)   Mike Kiedrowski (Kawasaki)
1992   Mike Kiedrowski (Kawasaki)   Jeff Stanton (Honda)   Jeff Emig (Yamaha)
1993   Mike LaRocco (Kawasaki)   Mike Kiedrowski (Kawasaki)   Doug Henry (Honda)
Year 250cc 125cc Women's MX
1994   Mike LaRocco (Kawasaki)   Doug Henry (Honda)
1995   Jeremy McGrath (Honda)   Steve Lamson (Honda)
1996   Jeff Emig (Kawasaki)   Steve Lamson (Honda)   Shelly Kann
1997   Jeff Emig (Kawasaki)   Ricky Carmichael (Kawasaki)   Tracy Fleming
1998   Doug Henry (Yamaha)   Ricky Carmichael (Kawasaki)   Dee Wood
1999   Greg Albertyn (Suzuki)   Ricky Carmichael (Kawasaki)   Stefy Bau
2000   Ricky Carmichael (Kawasaki)   Travis Pastrana (Suzuki)   Jessica Patterson
2001   Ricky Carmichael (Kawasaki)   Mike Brown (Kawasaki)   Tania Satchwell
2002   Ricky Carmichael (Honda)   James Stewart Jr. (Kawasaki)   Stefy Bau
2003   Ricky Carmichael (Honda)   Grant Langston (KTM)   Steffi Laier
2004   Ricky Carmichael (Honda)   James Stewart Jr. (Kawasaki)   Jessica Patterson
2005   Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki)   Ivan Tedesco (Kawasaki)   Jessica Patterson
Year MX Class MX Lites Class Women's MX
2006   Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki)   Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki)   Jessica Patterson
2007   Grant Langston (Yamaha)   Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki)   Jessica Patterson
2008   James Stewart Jr. (Kawasaki)   Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki)   Ashley Fiolek
Year 450 Class 250 Class Women's MX
2009   Chad Reed (Suzuki)   Ryan Dungey (Suzuki)   Ashley Fiolek
2010   Ryan Dungey (Suzuki)   Trey Canard (Honda)   Jessica Patterson
2011   Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki)   Dean Wilson (Kawasaki)   Ashley Fiolek (Honda)
2012   Ryan Dungey (KTM)   Blake Baggett (Kawasaki)   Ashley Fiolek (Honda)
2013   Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki)   Eli Tomac (Honda)   Jessica Patterson(Honda)
2014   Ken Roczen (KTM)   Jeremy Martin (Yamaha)   Marissa Markelon (Kawasaki)
2015   Ryan Dungey (KTM)   Jeremy Martin (Yamaha)   Kylie Fasnacht (Kawasaki)
2016   Ken Roczen (Suzuki)   Cooper Webb (Yamaha)   Kylie Fasnacht (Kawasaki)
2017   Eli Tomac (Kawasaki)   Zach Osborne (Husqvarna)   Kylie Fasnacht (Kawasaki)
2018   Eli Tomac (Kawasaki)   Aaron Plessinger (Yamaha)   Jordan Jarvis (Yamaha)

Most wins by RiderEdit


Most Championships
450/250 Class Titles 250/125 Class Titles 500 Class Titles
  Ricky Carmichael 7   Ryan Villopoto 3   Broc Glover 3
  Ryan Dungey 3   Ricky Carmichael 3   Jeff Ward 2
  Jeff Stanton 3   Mark Barnett 3   Ricky Johnson 2
  Ricky Johnson 3   Broc Glover 3   David Bailey 2
  Tony DiStefano 3   Jeremy Martin 2   Jimmy Weinert 2
  Gary Jones 3   James Stewart Jr. 2   Mike LaRocco 1
  Ryan Villopoto 2   Doug Henry 2   Jean-Michel Bayle 1
  Ken Roczen 2   Steve Lamson 2   Mike Kiedrowski 1
  Jeff Emig 2   Mike Kiedrowski 2   Darrell Schultz 1
  Jeff Ward 2   Micky Dymond 2   Chuck Sun 1
  Kent Howerton 2   Bob Hannah 2   Danny LaPorte 1
  Bob Hannah 2   Marty Smith 2   Rick Burgett 1
  Eli Tomac 2   Zach Osborne 1   Marty Smith 1
  Chad Reed 1   Cooper Webb 1   Kent Howerton 1
  James Stewart 1   Eli Tomac 1   Pierre Karsmakers 1
  Grant Langston 1   Blake Baggett 1   Brad Lackey 1
  Greg Albertyn 1   Dean Wilson 1
  Doug Henry 1   Trey Canard 1
  Jeremy McGrath 1   Ryan Dungey 1
  Mike LaRocco 1   Ivan Tedesco 1
  Mike Kiedrowski 1   Grant Langston 1
  Jean-Michel Bayle 1   Mike Brown 1
  David Bailey 1   Travis Pastrana 1
  Donnie Hansen 1   Jeff Emig 1
  Guy Cooper 1
  George Holland 1
  Ron Lechien 1
  Jeff Ward 1
  Johnny O'Mara 1
Most Overall Wins
450/250 Class Wins 250/125 Class Wins 500 Class Wins
  Ricky Carmichael 76   James Stewart Jr. 28   Broc Glover 19
  Ryan Dungey 39   Ricky Carmichael 26   Pierre Karsmakers 16
  Bob Hannah 27   Mark Barnett 25   Brad Lackey 16
  Ricky Johnson 22   Steve Lamson 20   David Bailey 15
  James Stewart Jr. 20   Ryan Villopoto 19   Jeff Ward 12
  Eli Tomac 19   Guy Cooper 16   Ricky Johnson 11
  Kent Howerton 18   Broc Glover 14   Darrell Schultz 3
  Ken Roczen 17   Blake Baggett 14   Jimmy Weinert 9
  Jeff Emig 16   George Holland 13   Jeff Stanton 8
  Jeremy McGrath 15   Jeremy Martin 13   Chuck Sun 7
  Jeff Ward 13   Jeff Emig 13   Mike Bell 6
  Ryan Villopoto 12   Eli Tomac 12   Rick Burgett 6
  Mike Kiedrowski 12   Jeff Ward 11   Danny LaPorte 5
  Jeff Stanton 12   Ron Lechien 10   Kent Howerton 5
  Mike LaRocco 11   Mike Kiedrowski 10   Jean-Michel Bayle 4
  Chad Reed 10   Grant Langston 9   Danny Chandler 4
  Kevin Windham 10   Marvin Musquin 8   Mike Kiedrowski 3
  Doug Henry 7   Mike Brown 8   Gary Semics 3
  Pierre Karsmakers 7   Micky Dymond 8   Goat Breker 3
  Jimmy Weinert 7   Bob Hannah 8   Michael Hartwig 3
  John Dowd 6   Marty Smith 8   Bob Hannah 2
  Damon Bradshaw 6   Joey Savatgy 7   Mike LaRocco 2
  Ron Lechien 6   Cooper Webb 7   Ron Lechien 2
  Marty Tripes 6   Christophe Pourcel 7   Marty Smith 2
  Greg Albertyn 5   Ryan Dungey 7   Tony DiStefano 2
  Jimmy Ellis 5   Travis Pastrana 7   Gaylon Mosier 2
  Tony DiStefano 5   Kevin Windham 7   Rex Staten 2
  Marvin Musquin 4   Doug Henry 7   Barry Higgins 2
  Grant Langston 3   Erik Kehoe 7   Mike Runyard 2
  David Vuillemin 3   Johnny O'Mara 7   Steve Stackable 2
  Sebastien Tortelli 3   Zach Osborne 6   Tommy Croft 2
  Ezra Lusk 3   Tyla Rattray 6   Marty Tripes 1
  David Bailey 3   Mike LaRocco 6   Alan King 1
  Donnie Hansen 3   Ben Townley 5   Bill Grossi 1
  Blake Baggett 2   Dean Wilson 5   Rich Thorwaldson 1
  Justin Barcia 2   Trey Canard 5   Bryan Kenney 1
  Mike Alessi 2   Broc Hepler 5   Denny Swartz 1
  Tim Ferry 2   Ryan Hughes 5   Eric Eaton 1
  Jean-Michel Bayle 2   Robbie Reynard 5   Wyman Priddy 1
  Johnny O'Mara 2   Adam Cianciarulo 5
  Broc Glover 2   Stephane Roncada 4
  Marty Smith 2   Damon Bradshaw 4
  Gary Bailey 2   Larry Ward 4
  Gunnar Lindstrom 2   Andrew Short 3
  Sonny Defeo 2   Mike Alessi 3
  Jeffrey Herlings 1   Damon Huffman 3
  Justin Bogle 1   Jean-Michel Bayle 3
  Trey Canard 1   Donny Schmit 3
  Bret Metcalfe 1   Danny LaPorte 3
  Tommy Hahn 1   Justin Barcia 3
  Matt Goerke 1   Jake Weimer 3
  Josh Grant 1   Aaron Plessinger 2
  Ivan Tedesco 1   Ivan Tedesco 2
  Jimmy Button 1   Broc Sellards 2
  Mickael Pichon 1   John Dowd 2
  Jeff Matiasevich 1   Jeremy McGrath 2
  Alan King 1   Eddie Warren 2
  Billy Liles 1   Keith Bowen 2
  Kenny Keylon 1   Brian Myerscough 2
  Steve Wise 1   Tim Hart 2
  Ken Zahrt 1   Ken Roczen 2
  Bill Grossi 1   Austin Forkner 1
  Rich Thorwaldson 1   Josh Grant 1
  Tim Hart 1   Craig Anderson 1
  John DeSoto 1   Danny Smith 1
  Jim Pomeroy 1   Chad Reed 1
  Kelly Smith 1
  Nick Wey 1
  Tallon Vohland 1
  Scott Sheak 1
  Tim Ferry 1
  James Dobb 1
  Brian Swink 1
  Jeff Matiasevich 1
  A.J. Whitling 1
  Gaylon Mosier 1
  Warren Reid 1
  Steve Wise 1
  Jimmy Ellis 1

AMA SupercrossEdit

In the 1970s promoters such as Bill France started bringing motocross races in from the country to stadiums within cities. Instead of being built upon natural terrain, dirt was imported into the stadiums where promoters tried to emulate the motocross tracks. In 1972 Mike Goodwin and Terry Tiernan, the president of the AMA, put on one of these stadium races in the Los Angeles Coliseum. The race was dubbed as the Super Bowl of Motocross. Eventually this form of racing evolved into its own sport and series with the name Supercross which was a shortening of the original "Super Bowl of Motocross". American motocross racing distinguished itself from European motocross by having two different season championships run each year for each class both sanctioned by the AMA. Currently[when?] the AMA runs their 17-round Supercross championship from the first weekend in January to the first weekend in May and then the 12-round outdoor Motocross championship from mid-May through late August.

Whereas AMA Motocross is two 30-minute plus 2 lap motos per each round with the winner being the rider with the highest combined points total for the two motos, in Supercross there is only one points-paying race per round. Around 40 riders qualify for each Supercross round. Heat races and LCQs are used to bring the field down to 22 riders for a points-paying main event for each round. A main event is 20 minutes plus 1 lap for the 450 class and 15 minutes plus 1 lap for the 250 class. There is no 250 Supercross national champion like there is for motocross. The 250 class in Supercross is split into East and West divisional rounds with an All Star race combining the top riders of each division at the final round in Las Vegas.

AMA Motocross and Supercross ChampionsEdit

Year 450 MX
(formerly 250 cc 2-stroke)
450 SX
(formerly 250 cc 2-stroke)
250 MX
(formerly 125 cc 2-stroke)
250 SX West
(formerly 125 cc 2-stroke)
250 SX East
(formerly 125 cc 2-stroke)
500 MX
1972   Gary Jones   Brad Lackey
1973   Gary Jones   Pierre Karsmakers
1974   Gary Jones   Pierre Karsmakers   Marty Smith   Jimmy Weinert
1975   Tony DiStefano   Jimmy Ellis   Marty Smith   Jimmy Weinert
1976   Tony DiStefano   Jimmy Weinert   Bob Hannah   Kent Howerton
1977   Tony DiStefano   Bob Hannah   Broc Glover   Marty Smith
1978   Bob Hannah   Bob Hannah   Broc Glover   Rick Burgett
1979   Bob Hannah   Bob Hannah   Broc Glover   Danny LaPorte
1980   Kent Howerton   Mike Bell   Mark Barnett   Chuck Sun
1981   Kent Howerton   Mark Barnett   Mark Barnett   Broc Glover
1982   Donnie Hansen   Donnie Hansen   Mark Barnett   Darrell Schultz
1983   David Bailey   David Bailey   Johnny O'Mara   Broc Glover
1984   Rick Johnson   Johnny O'Mara   Jeff Ward   David Bailey
1985   Jeff Ward   Jeff Ward   Ron Lechien   Bobby Moore   Eddie Warren   Broc Glover
1986   Rick Johnson   Rick Johnson   Micky Dymond   Donny Schmit   Keith Turpin   David Bailey
1987   Rick Johnson   Jeff Ward   Micky Dymond   Willie Surratt   Ron Tichenor   Rick Johnson
1988   Jeff Ward   Rick Johnson   George Holland   Jeff Matiasevich   Tod DeHoop   Rick Johnson
1989   Jeff Stanton   Jeff Stanton   Mike Kiedrowski   Jeff Matiasevich   Damon Bradshaw   Jeff Ward
1990   Jeff Stanton   Jeff Stanton   Guy Cooper   Ty Davis   Denny Stephenson   Jeff Ward
1991   Jean-Michel Bayle   Jean-Michel Bayle   Mike Kiedrowski   Jeremy McGrath   Brian Swink   Jean-Michel Bayle
1992   Jeff Stanton   Jeff Stanton   Jeff Emig   Jeremy McGrath   Brian Swink   Mike Kiedrowski
1993   Mike Kiedrowski   Jeremy McGrath   Doug Henry   Jimmy Gaddis   Doug Henry   Mike LaRocco
1994   Mike LaRocco   Jeremy McGrath   Doug Henry   Damon Huffman   Ezra Lusk
1995   Jeremy McGrath   Jeremy McGrath   Steve Lamson   Damon Huffman   Mickael Pichon
1996   Jeff Emig   Jeremy McGrath   Steve Lamson   Kevin Windham   Mickael Pichon
1997   Jeff Emig   Jeff Emig   Ricky Carmichael   Kevin Windham   Tim Ferry
1998   Doug Henry   Jeremy McGrath   Ricky Carmichael   John Dowd   Ricky Carmichael
1999   Greg Albertyn   Jeremy McGrath   Ricky Carmichael   Nathan Ramsey   Ernesto Fonseca
2000   Ricky Carmichael   Jeremy McGrath   Travis Pastrana   Shae Bently   Stephane Roncada
2001   Ricky Carmichael   Ricky Carmichael   Mike Brown   Ernesto Fonseca   Travis Pastrana
2002   Ricky Carmichael   Ricky Carmichael   James Stewart   Travis Preston   Chad Reed
2003   Ricky Carmichael   Ricky Carmichael   Grant Langston   James Stewart   Branden Jesseman
2004   Ricky Carmichael   Chad Reed   James Stewart   Ivan Tedesco   James Stewart
2005   Ricky Carmichael   Ricky Carmichael   Ivan Tedesco   Ivan Tedesco   Grant Langston
2006   Ricky Carmichael   Ricky Carmichael   Ryan Villopoto   Grant Langston   Davi Millsaps
2007   Grant Langston   James Stewart   Ryan Villopoto   Ryan Villopoto   Ben Townley
2008   James Stewart   Chad Reed   Ryan Villopoto   Jason Lawrence   Trey Canard
2009   Chad Reed   James Stewart   Ryan Dungey   Ryan Dungey   Christophe Pourcel
2010   Ryan Dungey   Ryan Dungey   Trey Canard   Jake Weimer   Christophe Pourcel
2011   Ryan Villopoto   Ryan Villopoto   Dean Wilson   Broc Tickle   Justin Barcia
2012   Ryan Dungey   Ryan Villopoto   Blake Baggett   Eli Tomac   Justin Barcia
2013   Ryan Villopoto   Ryan Villopoto   Eli Tomac   Ken Roczen   Will Hahn
2014   Ken Roczen   Ryan Villopoto   Jeremy Martin   Jason Anderson   Justin Bogle
2015   Ryan Dungey   Ryan Dungey   Jeremy Martin   Cooper Webb   Marvin Musquin
2016   Ken Roczen   Ryan Dungey   Cooper Webb   Cooper Webb   Malcolm Stewart
2017   Eli Tomac   Ryan Dungey   Zach Osborne   Justin Hill   Zach Osborne
2018   Eli Tomac   Jason Anderson   Aaron Plessinger   Aaron Plessinger   Zach Osborne
2019   Cooper Webb   Dylan Ferrandis   Chase Sexton

Rookie Season ChampionsEdit

2010 Ryan Dungey became the only rider to capture both the Supercross and Motocross titles in his rookie year.[10]

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