ACCULAR is family of artillery rockets developed and manufactured by Israel Military Industries (IMI) and used by Israel Defense Forces and international customers. It features 2 different calibers with a maximum range of 40km with a 20-35kg unitary penetration or controlled fragmentation warhead and accuracy of 10m CEP.[1]

רקטת כידון קסום.jpg
AccuLAR-160 mm
TypeArtillery rocket
Place of originIsrael
Production history
DesignerIsrael Military Industries
Caliber122–160 mm (4.8–6.3 in)
Maximum firing range40 km

global navigation satellite system (GNSS) / inertial navigation system (INS)
AccuLAR-122 'Romach' pod on the left, MLRS pod on the right, 'Menatetz' M270 launcher

The ACCULAR missiles can be launched by IMI’s LYNX (MRL) launcher, as well as from a variety of other available launchers.[2]


A guided version and further development of the unguided LAR-160.


In service in IDF, under the name Romach,[3] with dedicated M270 MLRS launchers. Each launcher can fire 18 rockets within a minute.[4]

AccuLAR-122 can also be launched from IMI LYNX (MRL).[5] It has a maximum range of 35km and accuracy of 10m CEP.[4]

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