AAR or Aar may refer to:


  • Aar, a river in Switzerland, tributary of the Rhine
  • Aar (Lahn), a tributary of Lahn river in Germany, descending from the Taunus mountains
  • Aar (Dill), a tributary of Dill river in Germany, also in the basin of the Lahn
  • Aar (Ill), a branch of the Ill river that separates from it in Strasbourg, France and rejoins it further north
  • Aar (Twiste), a tributary of Twiste river in Germany, in the basin of the Weser
  • Aar (village), a village in Rajasthan, India
  • South American–Antarctic Ridge, also known as the American–Antarctic Ridge, a mid-ocean ridge in the South Atlantic
  • Antarctica, IAAF code AAR




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