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A6144(M) motorway

The A6144(M) was a motorway in Carrington, Greater Manchester, England. It was known in official documentation as the Carrington Spur Road[2] and built to facilitate the transport of hazardous goods from Shell Chemicals' ethylene oxide plant in Carrington and other industrial estates in Carrington and Broadheath.[3] It was unusual in that it was entirely single carriageway, the only motorway of its kind in the UK. The others are dual carriageway for at least some of their length.

A6144(M) shield

The A6144(M) crossing the River Mersey
Route information
Length1.2 mi[1] (1.9 km)
Major junctions
Northeast endUrmston
M60 motorway
Southwest endCarrington
Road network

About 1 mile (2 km) long, the road connected the A6144 road to the M60 at junction 8. It was the highest numbered A-road(M) motorway and one of only two four-digit, Axxxx(M) motorways, the other being the A6127(M) (now A167(M)). The motorway was not a trunk road and not the responsibility of the Highways Agency.

The road had no hard shoulder but two emergency lay-bys with SOS phones and lights were provided midway along its length. It was possible to go from the A6144 to the A56 without going on the mainline of the M60 or any other motorway. A reason for its motorway status was that the junction with the M60 had two small roundabouts that were difficult for a driver of a long vehicle prohibited from motorways to perform a U-turn because of their size.

The unusual status of the A6144(M) led to its gaining a number of fans, particularly within organisations such as the Society for All British And Irish Road Enthusiasts (SABRE).

Revocation of special road statusEdit

In 2004, work to widen the M60 motorway altered the junction with the A6144(M) which was changed into a single roundabout allowing all motorway-prohibited traffic to turn and not join the M60.

Trafford Borough Council confirmed its intention to remove special road status from the A6144(M) when the M60 widening works were completed.

The A6144(M) ceased being a special road on 25 May 2006 losing its motorway status. It is now subject to a 50 mph (80 km/h) speed limit and is classified as the A6144. The road through Sale retained the A6144 number, meaning that there are two branches (and two junctions with the M60 motorway) with the same road number. Despite losing motorway status, the road still prohibits pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders.


Following the change of signage on 25 May 2006, two marker posts, the A6144(M) confirmation sign and a lay-by warning sign are privately preserved.[4]


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