Leeds Outer Ring Road

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The Leeds Outer Ring Road is a main road that runs around most of the perimeter of the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The ring road is approximately 25 miles (40 km) long and consists of single and dual carriageways. Hence the road is not a loop and so is not a true ring road, although it is designated as such.

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The road begins in Belle Isle and ends in Colton at junction 46 of the M1 motorway. It begins in Belle Isle as an un-numbered road and goes through to Beeston. It is then designated the A6110 between Beeston and Bramley a dual carriageway, before running concurrently with the Stanningley By-Pass A647 also a dual carriageway but with grade separated junctions.

For the rest of the way between Farsley and Colton the road is the A6120 and it is a mixture of single and dual carriageway as far as Austhorpe. The ring road becomes the A63 road following a short concurrency and ends in Colton.

There are future proposals for the complete dualling of the congested Outer Ring Road but they were not given priority in the Leeds Transport Plan.

Ring Road namesEdit

The road name of the ring road reflects the district it passes through. The table below states the name of the ring road and the number of carriageways in each district.

Road Number Road Name Dual or Single Carriageway Intersection with
Unclassified Ring Road Middleton Single
Unclassified Middleton Park Road Single (short section dual
Unclassified Ring Road Beeston Park Single A653
A6110 Ring Road Beeston Dual/Single A643, M621 Junction 1, A62
A6110 Ring Road Lower Wortley Dual A58
A6110 Ring Road Farnley Dual
A6110 Ring Road Bramley Dual B6154
A647 Stanningley By Pass Dual A6110
A6120 Ring Road Farsley Single A647, B6157, B6156
A6120 Horsforth New Road Single A657
A6120 Broadway Single A65
A6120 Ring Road Horsforth Single
A6120 Ring Road West Park Dual A660
A6120 Ring Road Weetwood Dual
A6120 Ring Road Adel Dual
A6120 Ring Road Meanwood Dual
A6120 Ring Road Moortown Dual A61
A6120 Ring Road Shadwell Single A58
A6120 Ring Road Seacroft Single/Dual A58, A64
A6120 Ring Road Cross Gates Dual
A6120 Station Road Dual
A6120 Ring Road Halton Single
A6120 Selby Road Dual A63, M1 motorway (Junction 46).

As A6110

  • A643 road Ring Road Beeston / Elland Road There is a brief concurrency where the A6110 and A643 run together as 40mph dual carriageway for about 1/2 mile.

As A6120

  • A64 road Ring Road Seacroft There is a brief concurrency where the A6120 and A64 run together as 70mph dual carriageway for about 1/2 mile.
  • A63 road Selby Road The former A63 between M1 J46 and Whitkirk Roundabout was redesignated A6120 in 2001.

East Leeds Orbital RoadEdit

After a protracted planning process, Leeds City Council announced in June 2018 the awarding of contracts for the East Leeds Orbital Road (ELOR) which will run from Thorpe Park (adjacent to junction 46 of the M1) to the present ring road near Red Hall, just to the west of its intersection with the A58.[1]

The 4.7-mile (7.5 km) route will cost approximately £120 million and be a dual carriageway throughout, with roundabouts intersecting with the A roads to the east of Leeds. The project is expected to be delivered by 2023.[2][3]


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