A35 autoroute

The A35 autoroute is a toll free motorway in northeastern France. It is also known as the Autoroute des cigognes and the Voie Rapide du Piémont des Vosges. It connects the German border in the Rhine valley with the Swiss frontier via Strasbourg. The road forms part of European routes E25 and E60.

A35 autoroute shield

A35 autoroute
Autoroute des Cigognes
Route information
Length187 km (116 mi)
Major junctions
South endSaint-Louis
A3Swiss.svg A3 border with   Switzerland
North endScheibenhard
Bundesstraße 9 number.svg B 9 border with  Germany
Highway system
Autoroutes of France
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At the northern end, where the road reaches the German frontier, it becomes a single carriageway road controlled by a speed camera. On the German side of the frontier, plans to build a final stretch of Autobahn to connect the French A35 directly with the German A65 at Kandel were not implemented during the 1990s when the focus of Autobahn construction switched to the eastern side of the country. The project remains unimplemented: it is contentious because of the ecological impact it could have on the Bienwald (wooded area) through which the road would run.


Autoroute A35 near Lauterbourg (German B9 to French A35)
Service Area: Haut-Koenigsbourg (southbound)

As A35

Exit/Junction Destination
    Germany Becomes the   B9 to the   A65 autobahn and Karlsruhe
  59  (Lauterbourg) Towns served: Scheibenhard
  58  (Munchhausen) Towns served: Munchhausen
  57  (Seltz) Towns served: Seltz
  56  (  D 4, Baden-Baden) Towns served: Baden-Baden (Germany)
  55  (Soufflenheim) Towns served: Soufflenheim, Haguenau
  54  (Sessenhaim) Towns served: Sessenhaim
  53  (Drusenheim-Bischwiller) Towns served: Drusenheim, Bischwiller, Haguenau
  52  (  D 2, Rastatt) Towns served: Achern (Germany)
  51  (Gambsheim-Weyersheim) Towns served: Gambsheim, Weyersheim
  Rest Area: Landgraben (northbound) Pfeffermatt (southbound)
  50  (La Wantzenau) Towns served: La Weyersheim
  49  (Hoerdt) Towns served: Hoerdt

As the A4

Exit/Junction Destination
  14 Exchange A4-A35   A 4 to Metz (north) The road merges with A4
  14 Exchange A4-A35   A 4 to Strasbourg centre (south east)

As the A35

Exit/Junction Destination
  1  (Strasbourg Cronenbourg) Towns served: Strasbourg
  14 Exchange A350-A35'   A 350 to autoroute Spur to Schiltighiem.
  2  (Strasbourg-xxx) Towns served: Strasbourg
  14 Exchange A351-A35'   A 351 autoroute Spur to   N 4 and Marlenheim.
  4  (  N 4 Kehl-Offenburg) Towns served: Strasbourg, Kehl (Germany)
  5  (Illkirch-Graffenstaden) Towns served: Illkirch-Graffenstaden
  Service Area: Ostwald
  7  (  N 283 Erstein) Towns served: Erstein, Offenburg (Germany)
  8  (  D 400 (67), Aéroport Strasbourg-Entzheim) Towns served: Aéroport Strasbourg, Entzheim
  0 Exchange A352-A35, Molsheim-St Dié   A 352 autoroute Spur to Molsheim.

As the D1422

Exit/Junction Destination
  0  Road becomes the   D 1422 for 2 km.

As the A35

Exit/Junction Destination
  0    D 1422 The autoroute recommences.
  9  (Innenheim) Towns served: Innenheim
  10  (Krautergersheim) Towns served: Krautergersheim
  11  (Obernai) Towns served: Obernai, Niedernai
  11.1  (  D 500 (67), Molsheim) Towns served: Obernai, Molsheim
  12  (Goxwiller-Valff) Towns served: Goxwiller, Valff
  13  (Barr) Towns served: Barr
  Rest Area: St Pierre
  14  (Benfeld-Erstein) Towns served: Benfeld, Erstein via   N 83 (north)
  15  (Ebersheim) Towns served: Ebersheim
  16  (Sélestat) Towns served: Sélestat
  17  (Sélestat-St-Dié) Towns served: Sélestat, St-Die via   N 59 (west)
  Service Area: Haut-Koenigsbourg (southbound) Sélestat (northbound)
  18  (St-Hippolyte) Towns served: Hirtengaerten

As the N83

Exit/Junction Destination
  0  (A35 vers Strasbourg) Road merges with the   N 83 for 12 km.
  20  (Ribeauvillé) Towns served: Ribeauvillé, Guémar
  21  (Ostheim) Towns served: Ostheim
  22  (Ostheim) Towns served: Ostheim
  22.1  (Ostheim) Towns served: Ostheim
  Service Area: Houssen (northbound)
  23 Exchange N83-A35 Autoroute de-merges with the   N 83 to Colmar.

As the A35

Exit/Junction Destination
  23  (Houssen) Towns served: Houssen
  24  (ZI) Towns served: Colmar,   N 83 to Belfort (south)
  25  (Colmar-Freiburg) Towns served: Colmar, Neuf-Brisach, Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany)
  26  (Colmar-sud) Towns served: Colmar
  Rest Area: Fronholz (southbound)
  27  (Ste-Croix-en-Plaine) Towns served: Ste-Croix-en-Plaine
  28  (Niederhergheim) Towns served: Niederhergheim
  Rest Area: Oberhergheim (northbound)
  29  (Réguisheim) Towns served: Réguisheim, Munwiller
  30  (Ensisheim) Towns served: Ensisheim, Hirtzfelden
  Rest Area: Battenheim (northbound)
  32  (Sausheim) Towns served: Baldersheim, Sausheim, Mulhouse (Peugeot IZ)
  0 Exchange A36-A35 Junction with   A 36 (  E 54) to Dijon, Mulhouse westbound and Germany (eastbound)
  33  (Habsheim) Towns served: Mulhouse, Habsheim.
  34  (Sierentz) Towns served: Sierentz, Kleinkems
  35  (Bartenheim) Towns served: Bartenheim
  36  (Bale-Mulhouse (Euro Airport)) Towns served: Bale-Mulhouse Airport
  37  (St-Louis) Towns served: Huningue, St-Louis
  Switzerland and becomes the   A3 to Basel and Zurich.

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