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A2Z is a 2006 USA-German action film by Daryush Shokof. The film is shot entirely in Berlin, Germany in 2004.

Directed byDaryush Shokof
Produced byOytun Kal
Reiner Opoku
Written byDaryush Shokof
Jack Taylor
Sam T. Fard
StarringJack Taylor
Narges Rashidi
Daryush Shokof
Joachim Paul Assböck
Music byTom Dokoupil
CinematographyArman Nadjm
Daryoush Zandi
Edited byTom Dokoupil



The old man (Jack Taylor) and his lolita (Narges Rashidi) are lovers. They have decided to end it all by a dramatic "shoot-out" finale with, of the two guns, only one is loaded. As they know one of them will definitely die before the day is over, they decide to have a wild ride through the last day of their lives. They rob banks, fight the Nazis, do drugs, laugh and dance, kiss, feed the poor, and finally have sex for the last time before starting up the ritual to shoot each other to death. They hold the revolvers against the other with neither one knowing which of the guns is loaded. They fire on each other.


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Narges Rashidi won the Best Breakthrough actress award as the lead actress in the film at the New York International Film and Video Festival NYIIFVF in 2007.[1]


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