A1 Team Pakistan

A1 Team Pakistan is the Pakistani team of A1 Grand Prix, an international racing series.

A1 Team Pakistan
Seat holder(s)Adam Khan
Team principalMuhammad Mateen Javed
Race driver(s)Mustaf Majid
First race2005-06 Great Britain
Rounds entered29
Sprint race victories0
Feature race victories0
Pole positions0
Fastest laps0
Total points12


In 2008/2009 season, the team is being run by Team Craft, bringing a high level of knowledge and expertise to A1 Team Pakistan. Previously, A1 Team Pakistan was run by Super Nova Racing and Performance Racing. In 2019, United Venture Holding acquired the team and terminate all the functions of it.


2008–09 seasonEdit

Driver: Adam Khan

The 2008–09 season saw wholesale changes not just at A1GP but within Team Pakistan. On September 10, 2008 Adam Khan was announced to hold the dual-role of race driver, and seat holder of A1 Team Pakistan for the 2008–09 season.[1] replacing Arif Hussain who had successfully established A1 Team Pakistan.[2] Team Craft took over the running of the team. The team has not yet participated in the season as Adam Khan is too big for the new Ferrari built chassis.

The chassis was eventually built ahead of Round 5 in Gauteng, however Khan did not race for undisclosed reasons. He did not race in Round 6 either due to a date clash with his ING Renault F1 Team demonstration driver duties, and did not compete in the final round.

2007–08 seasonEdit

Driver: Adam Khan

A1 Team Pakistan allowed Khan to choose the racing team who would manage the car but despite this he was unable to change the fortunes of the struggling team. The team, selected by Khan, lacked the technical back up that other teams on the grid had, and were unable to do basics such as analysing lap data, holding Khan back. He was still able to pick up Team Pakistan's one and only point of the season when he finished 10th in the sprint race in New Zealand.

2006–07 seasonEdit

Driver: Nur B. Ali

Adam Khan left the team, and Nur Ali was recalled to race for Team Pakistan in their second season. Performance Racing took over the running of the team. Ali struggled throughout the season where he was off the pace in nearly every race, but he was able to capture a point when he finished 10th in South Africa in the feature race.

2005–06 seasonEdit

Drivers: Adam Khan, Enrico Toccacelo

The launch of A1 Team Pakistan was one of the most spectacular, with the A1 Grand Prix Car being presented in front of the Lahore Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf was the star guest at the event, hosted by A1 Team Pakistan Chairman Arif Hussain and its Managing Director, Chaudry Salik Hussain. The team was to be run by Super Nova Racing.

Nur B. Ali was the first driver to be named in A1GP and had shown good form during pre-season testing, but was replaced with British born Adam Khan.

The Season started well. In the first race at Brands Hatch, Adam Khan qualified in 7th place and finished the sprint race in 8th. The feature race saw problems in the pit stop and saw Khan finish in 13th. However, despite being managed by the highly successful Super Nova Racing, things went downhill from there and not a single point was scored, until South Africa where Khan crashed during practice forcing him out until the final rounds in China. Here he was able to finish 5th in the feature race which resulted in Pakistan scoring a total of 10 points.

Enrico Toccacelo drove in South Africa for Team Pakistan as the team has already spent much time preparing for the race, also the management wished to not disappoint the Pakistani fans.


Name Seasons Races
A1GP Title Wins Sprint
2nd 3rd Poles Fastest
  Nur B. Ali 2006-07 11 (22) 1
  Adam Khan 2005-06, 2007-08 17 (34) 11
  Enrico Toccacelo 1 2005-06 1 (2) 0

1 Italian driver Enrico Toccacelo from A1 Team Italy, drove the Team Pakistan car in the 2005-06 South African race, after Adam Khan was injured during the practice sessions.

Complete A1 Grand Prix resultsEdit

(key), "spr" indicate a Sprint Race, "fea" indicate a Main Race.

Year Racing
Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Points Rank
2005-06 Super Nova Racing Lola,
Cooper Avon
GBR spr GBR fea GER spr GER fea PRT spr PRT fea AUS spr AUS fea MYS spr MYS fea ARE spr ARE fea ZAF spr ZAF fea IDN spr IDN fea MEX spr MEX fea USA spr USA fea CHN spr CHN fea 10 20th
Adam Khan 7 Ret Ret 12 Ret 15 12 11 13 Ret 16 Ret 12 5
Enrico Toccacelo 11 Ret
2006-07 Performance Racing Lola
Cooper Avon
NED spr NED fea CZE spr CZE fea BEI spr BEI fea MYS spr MYS fea IDN spr IDN fea NZ spr NZ fea AUS spr AUS fea ZAF spr ZAF fea MEX spr MEX fea SHA spr SHA fea GBR spr GBR fea 1 22nd
Nur B. Ali 20 Ret 20 Ret 21 Ret 18 21 20 15 18 18 20 Ret 18 10 15 21 20 18 Ret 17
2007-08 Performance Racing / CMS (1) Lola
Cooper Avon
NED spr NED fea CZE spr CZE fea MYS spr MYS fea CHN spr CHN fea NZ spr NZ fea AUS spr AUS fea ZAF spr ZAF fea MEX spr MEX fea SHA spr SHA fea GBR spr GBR fea 1 20th
Adam Khan 18 17 15 20 17 14 14 14 10 11 Ret 12 12 Ret Ret 18 16 17 18 Ret


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