Athlitikos Omilos Kerkyra (Greek: Αθλητικός Όμιλος Κέρκυρα; lit.'Athletic Club Kerkyra') is a Greek football club based on the island of Corfu (Kerkyra), Greece.

AO Kerkyra
Full nameAthlitikos Omilos Kerkyra
(Athletic Club Kerkyra)
Nickname(s)Φαίακες (Phaiakes)
Founded1968; 56 years ago (1968)
GroundKerkyra Stadium
ChairmanGiorgos Kolytas
ManagerGiannis Xondrogiannis
LeagueCorfu FCA First Division
2023–24Corfu FCA First Division, 4th
WebsiteClub website

History edit

It was formed in 1967 as "Kerkyraikos F.C." following a merge of three Corfu clubs ("Aris Kerkyras" est 1924, "Helespontos" est 1923 and "Asteras Kerkyras" est 1926). These three teams alongside "Olympos Kerkyras" were dominating Corfu Local Championship before the creation of Greek National Leagues in 1967. In order to represent Corfu in the National B' Class League the three teams decided to merge in 1967. Due to some players' dispute with "Olympos Kerkiras" in 1968 the team had to change its name to "A.O. Kerkyra".[1]

Colors, emblem and ground edit

The club's colors are Maroon and Blue, depicting the colors of the island and its emblem is the ancient Corfiot's ("Faiakes") trireme, which is the island's emblem. The National stadium of the town of Corfu, "E.A.K.K.", (built in 1955) hosts A.O. Kerkyra since its foundation.

Golden age edit

After 36 years in lower divisions A.O. Kerkyra managed to reach top-level Alpha Ethniki in 2004. The long effort to success was inspired by chairman Spyros Kalogiannis who took control in 1999 and managed to climb three divisions in 4 years. Though the long-awaited "Alpha Ethniki" didn't end up as expected as the club was relegated, taking the last place in the final table. After a successful year in B' Ethniki, 2005–06 season ended with Kerkyra celebrating another chance in Alpha Ethniki. 2006-2007 was another failure in Alpha Ethniki or Super League Greece, with Kerkyra fighting bravely against relegation, but ending up relegated after a 2–2 tie on the last match against Panathinaikos FC. In the 2009–2010 season in Beta Ethniki they secured promotion to the super league on 2 May 2010 with a 0–0 draw against Panetolikos. The next years were the best for the Corfiot team managing to remain at Alpha Ethniki for three consecutive years.

Seven years of inactivity edit

In 2012–2013 season A.O. Kerkyra was relegated (16th place) to Beta Ethniki.
At the same time another team from the island of Corfu, A.O. Kassiopi was promoted from third tier to Beta Ethniki and proposals for a merger were made. As part of the merger, amidst protests from fans and veteran players,[2] it was decided that A.O. Kerkyra would cease to exist,[3] and that A.O. Kassiopi would be renamed to "Kerkyra". Efforts to revive the club even at Amateur level were unsuccessful,[4][5] and the club's administration was controlled by the shareholders of A.O. Kassiopi.[6][7]

Revival edit

In 2020 after 7 years of courtroom efforts A.O. Kerkyra was revived with a probate appointed administration,[8] consisted of veteran players and fans. The team now participates in the A League of local amateur championship of EPS Kerkyras.[9]

Fans edit

Their nickname is Vourligans, a portmanteau of Vourlismenos (crazy in corfiot dialect) and Hooligans.

Rivalries edit

A.O. Kerkyra's longest rivalry is with local club Olympos Kerkiras, though due to A.O. Kerkyra's high division presence, the two teams don't play often against each other. Kerkyra also have long rivalries with nearby Epirus clubs as PAS Giannina, Anagennisi Artas, Panetolikos and Tilikratis of Lefkada. The reason for the rivalry is that historically these clubs competed against each other in order to advance to higher leagues. PAS Giannina and Anagennisi Artas, especially, are from nearby Epirus and there is a historical and cultural, (usually friendly), rivalry between the islanders and their mainland neighbours that also extends to their respective football clubs and fans. Panetolikos is another mainland team from nearby Aetolia-Acarnania and the same rivalry logic applies as with the Epirus teams.

Stadium edit

  • Built in 1961
  • Capacity of 2,685 (all seated)
  • Biggest Attendance 5,000 (AO Kerkyra v PAS Giannina 1974)

The stadium has two stands, the main one has a roof and is where the players and officials emerge from. The second stand is situated directly opposite and is a famous and very hostile terrace during big games. This is also where a lot of the Vourligans will watch from. This stand was constructed in 1973.[10]

Current squad edit

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player

Technical team edit

Managers edit

Historic presidents edit

AO Kerkyra season performances 1969 – present edit

  • 1969–70: B' National A Group (11th)
  • 1970–71: B' National A Group (17th)
  • 1971–72: B' National A Group (14th)
  • 1972–73: B' National A Group (16th
  • 1973–74: B' National A Group (14th)
  • 1974–75: B' National A Group (20th; Relegation)
  • 1975–76: After the fall of the Second national, AOK is in the First Division of the Football Association of Corfu
  • 1976–77: A' Division of F.A. Corfu
  • 1977–84: A' Division of F.A. Corfu
  • 1984–85: C' National South Group (14th)
  • 1985–86: C' National South Group (11th)
  • 1986–87: C' National South Group (12th)
  • 1987–88: C' National South Group (12th; Relegation)
  • 1988–89: D' National (4th; Promotion)
  • 1989–90: C' National South Group (16th; Relegation)
  • 1990–91: D' National (3rd)
  • 1991–92: D' National (1st; Promotion) - Finalist in Greek Amateur Cup
  • 1992–93: C' National South Group (14th; Relegation)
  • 1993–94: D' National (7th)
  • 1994–95: D' National (3rd)
  • 1995–96: D' National (1st; Promotion)
  • 1996–97: C' National South Group (9th)
  • 1997–98: C' National South Group (12th; Relegation)
  • 1998–99: D' National (5th)
  • 1999–00: D' National (3rd)
  • 2000–01: D' National (1st; Promotion)
  • 2001–02: C' National (1st; Promotion)
  • 2002–03: B' National (5th)
  • 2003–04: B' National (1st; Historical Promotion to A' National)
  • 2004–05: A' National (16th; Relegation)
  • 2005–06: B' National (2nd; Promotion)
  • 2006–07: Super League (14th; Relegation)
  • 2007–08: B' National (7th)
  • 2008–09: B' National (5th)
  • 2009–10: B' National (2nd; Promotion)
  • 2010–11: Super League (12th)
  • 2011–12: Super League (13th)
  • 2012–13: Super League (16th; Relegation)
  • 2020–21: Corfu FCA Second Division (The season was abandoned after 3rd round)
  • 2021–22: Corfu FCA Second Division (2nd)
  • 2022–23: Corfu FCA First Division (7th)
  • 2023–24: Corfu FCA First Division (4th)

Note: A' National = Super League, B' National = Football League, C' National = Gamma Ethniki

Notable wins edit

Season Match Score
2003–04 KerkyraOlympiacos (friendly match) 1–0
2011–12 Olympiacos – Kerkyra 0–1
2004–05 KerkyraPanathinaikos 2–0
2006–07 Kerkyra – Panathinaikos 3–1
2010–11 KerkyraAEK Athens 2–1
2010–11 KerkyraPAOK 2–1
2011–12 KerkyraAris 1–0

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