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987 (previously known as Perfect Ten 98.7FM before July 2005) is an English radio station of Mediacorp in Singapore. It is a 24-hour radio station that plays English hits from Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, and around the world. 987FM is the sole contemporary hit radio station broadcasting on the FM frequency band in Singapore.

987fm Logo.jpg
Broadcast areaMediacorp Campus 1 Stars Avenue Singapore 138507
  • All Hits All Day (1 January 1989 – 26 June 2005)
  • Only the Hits (27 June 2005 – 25 March 2012)
  • Singapore's Number 1 Hit Music Station (26 March 2012 – 25 June 2013, 18 June 2014 - 6 March 2016)
  • Singapore's Hit Music Station (26 March 2012 – 6 March 2016)
  • Above The Noise (7 March 2016 – 9 April 2017)
  • Singapore's Number 1 Hit Music Station (7 August 2017 - present)
FrequencyFM 98.7 MHz
First air date1 January 1989 (1989-01-01)
FormatTop 40 (CHR)

987's studio moved out of Caldecott Broadcast Centre on 19 July 2010 and it broadcast from *SCAPE along Orchard Road at 2 Orchard Link for 3 years. 987 moved back to Caldecott Broadcast Centre on 20 May 2013 after its tenancy with *SCAPE expired. 987 moved again to the brand new Mediacorp Campus, Mediapolis @ one-north, on 17 January 2017.



Directoral and Management

  • Assistant Programming Director: Gerald Koh
  • Executive Music Director: Nic Shields

Full-time DJs

  • Gerald Koh
  • Kimberly Wang
  • Natasha Faisal
  • Naomi Yeo
  • Sonia Chew
  • Joakim Gomez
  • Charmian Tan
  • Preeti "Preetipls" Nair

Part-time DJs

  • Lynette Lee
  • Ann Nicole Ng

Former Notable DJs who crossed to other Mediacorp Stations or other Mediacorp departments

Former Notable DJs who crossed to competitor stations

Former Notable DJs who left the industry


Singapore Radio Awards 2006

  • Carlsberg's Friendlist Radio Personality: Carrie Chong
  • Most Favourite Radio Personality of 987FM: Daniel Ong

Singapore Radio Awards 2007

  • Most Creative Radio Trailer (English): "Remember the Name" by Desiree Lai
  • Carlsberg's Friendlist Radio Personality Award for 987FM: Daniel Ong
  • Most Popular Radio Personality for 987FM: Daniel Ong

Singapore Radio Awards 2010

  • Best Radio Show (English): Muttons to Midnight
  • Most Creative Radio Trailer (English): "UK Top 20" by Shan Wee
  • Best Radio Personality Blog: Rosalyn Lee Chicken Scratchings on the Wall
  • Most Popular Radio Personality for 987FM: Daniel Ong

Singapore Radio Awards 2011

  • Best Radio Show: Muttons on the Move
  • Most Stylist Radio Personality: Rosalyn Lee
  • Most Popular Radio Personality for 987FM: Vernon A.

MediaCorp Radio Awards 2013

  • Best Radio Show: Muttons on the Move
  • Most Stylish Radio Personality: Bobby Tonelli
  • Most Popular Radio Personality for 987FM: Justin Ang


  • May 2007: The Muttons were suspended for a while due to their participation in No Bra Day, an activity that was sponsored by FHM Singapore and featured young models competing to see who could remove their bras in the fastest time possible. A video taken in the studio was posted on YouTube and the resulting uproar from viewers forced the station to pay S$9,800 to the Media Development Authority of Singapore for 'inappropriate and offensive content'. Muttons in the Morning was then replaced with The Dan and Young Show. They soon came back to 987FM in July 2007 for the late night slot show, now called 'Muttons To Midnight'.[2]
  • July 2009: There was a lot of controversy when ex-DJ of 987FM, Soo, was sacked by the then programming director, Daniel Ong, over alleged claims of failing to put on an American accent and issues with proficiency of the English language. Listeners expressed disdain that it was unfair for DJs with local accents to be discriminated while DJs who speak with an American accent receive preferential treatment.[3][4]
  • March 2010: It was announced that Ris Low would be joining the 987 crew and hosting the evening drive-time show. There was a huge outrage among listeners over her unprofessional attitude, including turning up more than 2 hours late for her first radio show and usage of poor English.
  • March 2012: When Shan Wee left 987 in February 2012, a 'ManHunt' was conducted to find a replacement for Rozz's co-host on the morning show. Listeners were invited to audition for the spot from 12 to 16 March 2012 and were told that they stood a chance of getting a spot on 987. However, it turned out that Rozz's new co-host is Bobby Tonelli from neighbour radio station, Class 95FM. There were several conspiracy theories that the auditions were a waste of time and effort and simply just a ploy by the station's creative director to gain more listenership.[5][6]

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