82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum

The 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum is a museum located at Ardennes and Gela Streets on the Fort Bragg Army base. Established in 1945, the museum chronicles the history of the 82nd Airborne Division from 1917 to the present including World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, and Persian Gulf Wars as well as campaigns in Grenada, Panama, Operation Golden Pheasant, Operation Restore Hope and Operation Enduring Freedom.[1] The museum is open to the public but photo id and a vehicle search is required to enter Fort Bragg.[2]

82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum
82nd Airborne Division CSIB.svg
82nd Airborne insignia
82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum is located in North Carolina
82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum
Location in North Carolina
LocationFort Bragg, North Carolina, United States
Coordinates35°07′49″N 79°01′22″W / 35.13015°N 79.02275°W / 35.13015; -79.02275Coordinates: 35°07′49″N 79°01′22″W / 35.13015°N 79.02275°W / 35.13015; -79.02275
Typemilitary museum, aviation museum
Collection size5,000 plus 82d Division related items
Visitors50,000 plus a year
DirectorJohn Aarsen
PresidentMark Acker
CuratorJimmie Hallis
Public transit accesspost shuttle

The museum grounds serve as a location for military ceremonies as well.[3]


The collection includes light armor weapons, rifles, handguns, and uniforms from multiple eras including captured arms and uniforms of enemy forces including German paratrooper and Luftwaffe. Personal items including a name tag and military uniform belonging to Manuel Noriega, captured during Operation Just Cause.[1]


C-7 on display at the museum, once used by the Golden Knights parachute team.
Bell UH-1A Iroquois.


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82d Airborne Division War memorial museum, In-Briefing to AA6 dated May 2014

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