7th Parliament of Upper Canada

The 7th Parliament of Upper Canada was opened 4 February 1817. Elections in Upper Canada had been held in July 1816. All sessions were held at York, Upper Canada at the home of Chief Justice of the Court William Henry Draper. This parliament was dissolved 3 May 1820 on the announcement of the death of King George III.

The House of Assembly of the 7th Parliament of Upper Canada had five sessions 4 February 1817 to 7 March 1820:[1]

Sessions[1] Start End
1st 4 February 1817 7 April 1817
2nd 5 February 1818 1 April 1818
3rd 12 October 1818 27 November 1818
4th 7 June 1819 12 July 1819
5th 21 February 1820 7 March 1820
Riding Member
Dundas John Crysler
Essex William McCormick
Essex George Benson Hall
Frontenac Allan McLean 1817-1820
Glengarry Alexander McMartin
Glengarry John Cameron
Grenville Jonas Jones
Halton Moses Gamble[2]
Richard Hatt (Feb 1818)
Hastings & Ameliasburgh Township James McNabb
Kent Joshua Cornwall
Leeds Peter Howard
Lennox & Addington Willet Casey
Lennox & Addington Isaac Fraser
1st Lincoln County Robert Nelles
2nd Lincoln Ralfe Clench
3rd Lincoln David Secord
4th Lincoln Isaac Swayze
Norfolk Robert Nichol
Northumberland and Durham Zacheus Burnham
Oxford & Middlesex Mahlon Burwell
Prescott John McDonell
Prince Edward except Ameliasburgh Township James Cotter
Stormont & Russell Philip VanKoughnet
Wentworth James Durand[3]
East York & Simcoe Peter Robinson

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  3. ^ expelled in March 1817 and re-elected in February 1818.

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