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The 75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger) (officially 75th Infantry Regiment or 75th Infantry) was initially a parent regiment for all the US Army Ranger units during the Vietnam War and the early 1980s and then the headquarters for the Ranger battalions.

75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger)
Country United States
BranchUS Army
TypeLight infantry
RoleVietnam War:


Size15 companies (1969–74)
3 battalions (1974–86)
Garrison/HQFort Benning, Georgia (1984–86)
EngagementsVietnam War
Operation Eagle Claw
Invasion of Grenada



On 1 February 1969, as part of the U.S. Army Combat Arms Regimental System (CARS), all U.S. Army Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) units were reorganized as the 75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger).[1] Fifteen Ranger companies were formed from reconnaissance units in Europe and Vietnam with lineage to Merrill's Marauders, the 5307th Composite Unit,[2] The companies were designated C through I and K through P. There was no "J" Ranger Company; this is so there would be no confusion with the similar "I" (or India) designation on typed paperwork. Companies A and B were kept stateside as a strategic reserve in case they were needed overseas in Europe or the Americas.

The Ranger companies were composed of small, heavily armed long range reconnaissance teams that patrolled deep in enemy-held territory. Each independent company was attached to a division or separate brigade and acted as the eyes and ears of those units. Rangers collected intelligence, discovered enemy troop locations, surveilled trails and enemy hot spots, directed artillery and air strikes, did bombing damage assessment, performed ambushes, and sniper attacks. Additionally, Rangers attempted recovering prisoners of war, captured enemy soldiers for interrogation, tapped the wire communications of the North Vietnam Army and the National Liberation Front for South Vietnam (Vietcong) on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and mined enemy trails and roads.


Consolidated with the 475th Infantry and unit designated as 475th Infantry on 10 August 1944
Inactivated on 1 July 1945
  • Redesignated as 75th Infantry on 21 June 1954
Allotted to the Regular Army on 26 October 1954
Activated on 20 November 1954
Inactivated on 21 March 1956
Reorganized with Headquarters on 1 July 1984
Consolidated with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Ranger Battalions, unit designated as 75th Ranger Regiment and reorganized under the Regimental System on 3 February 1986


Vietnam WarEdit

When they were redesignated on February 1, 1969, the average TOE strength of a Ranger company was of 3 officers and 115 enlisted men, bringing the total to 118 men divided into a company headquarters, operations section, communications platoon and two patrol platoons.

There were some exceptions though; Company C, 75th Infantry (Ranger) had a strength of 230 men divided into a company Headquarters, operations section, communications platoon and four patrol platoons.

Companies D and H had each 198 men and Companies M, N, O and P each had 61 men, since these four units were created from LRP detachments assigned to brigades.

Ranger CompaniesEdit

75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger)
Infantry (Ranger) Company Activated on Inactivated on Previous LRP company Subordinate to
Company A, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 1 February 1969 19 December 1974 Company D (LRP), 17th Infantry V Corps (Germany)
Company B, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 1 February 1969 1 November 1974 Company C (LRP), 58th Infantry VII Corps (Germany)
Company C, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 1 February 1969 25 October 1971 Company E (LRP), 20th Infantry I Field Force (Vietnam)
Company D (Ranger), 151st Infantry
Company D, 75th Infantry (Ranger)
1 February 1969
20 November 1969
20 November 1969
10 April 1970
Company F (LRP), 51st Infantry II Field Force (Vietnam)
Company E, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 1 February 1969
1 October 1969
23 August 1969
12 October 1970
Company E (LRP), 50th Infantry 9th Infantry Division (Vietnam)
Company F, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 1 February 1969 15 March 1971 Company F (LRP), 50th Infantry 25th Infantry Division (Vietnam)
Company G, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 1 February 1969 1 October 1971 Company E (LRP), 51st Infantry 23rd Infantry Division (Vietnam)
Company H, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 1 February 1969 15 August 1972 Company E (LRP), 52nd Infantry which came from the Cavalry Division LRRPs 1st Cavalry Division (Vietnam)
Company I, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 1 February 1969 7 April 1970 Company F (LRP), 52nd Infantry 1st Infantry Division (Vietnam)
Company K, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 1 February 1969 10 December 1970 Company E (LRP), 58th Infantry 4th Infantry Division (Vietnam)
Company L, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 1 February 1969 25 December 1971 Company F (LRP), 58th Infantry 101st Airborne Division (Vietnam)
Company M, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 1 February 1969 12 October 1970 71st Infantry Detachment (LRP) 199th Infantry Brigade (Light) (Vietnam)
Company N, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 1 February 1969 25 August 1971 74th Infantry Detachment (LRP) 173rd Airborne Brigade (Vietnam)
Company O, 75th Infantry (Ranger)
Company O (Arctic Ranger), 75th Infantry (Ranger)
1 February 1969
4 August 1970
20 November 1969
29 September 1972
78th Infantry Detachment (LRP) 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division (Vietnam)
US Army Alaska
Company P, 75th Infantry (Ranger) 1 February 1969 31 August 1971 79th Infantry Detachment (LRP) 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mech.) (Vietnam)

Post-Vietnam reorganizationEdit


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  2. ^ On 1 February 1969 the U.S. Army designated the 75th Infantry Regiment successor of the 5307th Composite Unit (Merrill's Marauders).[permanent dead link]

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