6th New Brunswick Legislature

The 6th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly represented New Brunswick between February 4, 1817, and 1819.

The assembly sat at the pleasure of colonial administrator Harris William Hailes. George Stracey Smyth became Governor of New Brunswick in July 1817.

The speaker of the house was selected as William Botsford.

History edit

Members edit

Electoral District Name
Saint John County Hugh Johnston
John Ward
Thomas Millidge
Craven Calverly
York Peter Fraser
John Allen
Stair Agnew
John Dow
Westmorland William Botsford
James Easterbrooks
John Chapman
Rufus Smith
Kings James Brittain
David B. Wetmore
Queens Samuel Scovil
Richard Yeamans
Charlotte Colin Campbell
Hugh Mackay
Robert Pagan
Joseph Porter
Northumberland James Fraser
Richard Simonds
Sunbury Elijah Miles
William Wilmot
Saint John City Stephen Humbert
Harry Peters

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