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6th Chess Olympiad

The winning American team is awarded the Hamilton-Russell Cup.
Award from the 1935 Chess Olympiad

The 6th Chess Olympiad, organized by the FIDE and comprising an open[1] and (unofficial) women's tournament, as well as several events designed to promote the game of chess, took place between August 16 and August 31, 1935, in Warsaw, Poland. The famous retired Polish master Dawid Przepiórka took the major responsibility as a chairman of Organizing Committee.

The Women's World Chess Championship also took place during the Olympiad.


Team standingsEdit

# Country Players Points
1   United States Fine, Marshall, Kupchik, Dake, Horowitz 54
2   Sweden Ståhlberg, Stoltz, Lundin, Danielsson, Larsson 52½
3   Poland Tartakower, Frydman, Najdorf, Friedman, Makarczyk 52
4   Hungary Steiner L., Lilienthal, Havasi, Szabó, Réthy 51
5   Czechoslovakia Flohr, Opočenský, Rejfíř, Treybal K., Pelikán 49
6   Yugoslavia Vidmar, Pirc, Kostić, Trifunović, König 45½
7   Austria Grünfeld, Spielmann, Eliskases, Müller, Podhorzer 43½
8   Argentina Grau, Bolbochán Jac., Pleci, Maderna 42
9   Latvia Petrovs, Apšenieks, Feigins, Hasenfuss, Krūmiņš 41
10   France Alekhine, Betbeder, Muffang, Kahn, Raizman 38
11   Estonia Keres, Friedemann, Laurine, Raud, Kibbermann 37½
12   England Winter, Thomas, Alexander, Atkins, Golombek 37
13   Finland Böök, Rasmusson, Solin, Krogius, Salo 35
14   Lithuania Mikėnas, Machtas, Vistaneckis, Vaitonis, Luckis 34
15   Palestine Foerder, Enoch, Dobkin, Winz, Czerniak 32
16   Denmark Andersen, Nielsen B., Enevoldsen, Nielsen J., Sørensen 31½
17   Romania Silbermann, Ichim, Bródy, Erdélyi, Popa 27.5
18   Italy Sacconi, Monticelli, Rosselli del Turco, Romi, Napolitano 24
19    Switzerland Naegeli, Grob, Michel, Stähelin, Gygli 21
20   Irish Free State Reilly, Creevey, O'Hanlon, Cranston, De Burca 12

Individual medalsEdit

The prizes for best individual results went to:


  1. ^ Although commonly referred to as the men's division, this section is open to both male and female players.