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The 6th Asian Film Awards is an intra-continental annually-presented award ceremony hosted during the Hong Kong International Film Festival to honour the best Asian films of 2011.

6th Asian Film Awards
DateMarch 19, 2012
SiteHong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
Hosted byAngela Chow
Janet Hsieh
Best FilmNader and Simin, A Separation
Most awardsNader and Simin, A Separation (4)
Most nominationsThe Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (8)
Television coverage
NetworkaTV World, aTV Asia
Duration1 hour, 30 minutes[1]

Awards were presented in 14 general categories. People's Choice Awards were also presented for Favorite Actor and Favorite Actress. In addition, three special awards were also given, the Lifetime Achievement Award, The Edward Yang New Talent Award and The Asian Film Award for 2011’s Top Grossing Asian Film. Nominations were announced on January 17, 2012[2] and the ceremony took place on March 19, 2012.[3]

The awards were held at the Grand Hall of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center as part of the Entertainment Expo's Opening Gala.[4] It was broadcast in aTV World in March 20 and in aTV Asia in March 22.[1]



The jury for the awards consisted of 12 members from various countries; filmmakers, producers, critics and delegates from other international film festivals were a part of the jury.[4]

Bold - Jury President; Italics - delegate from film festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Berlinale and Tokyo International Film Festival

Winners and nomineesEdit

Winners are listed first and highlighted in bold.

Asghar Farhadi, winner of Best Director
Best Film Best Director
Best Actor Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
Best Newcomer Best Screenwriter
Best Cinematographer Best Production Designer
Best Composer Best Editor
Best Visual Effects Best Costume Designer

People's Choice AwardsEdit

Favorite Actor Favorite Actress

Special awardsEdit

Lifetime Achievement Award
The Edward Yang New Talent Award
The Asian Film Award for 2011’s Top Grossing Asian Film

Films with multiple awards and nominationsEdit

Multiple awards

These films won more than one award at the ceremony :

Multiple nominations

These films received more than one nomination at the awards :

Nations who received awards and nominationsEdit


The awards tally includes People's Choice Awards and special awards.

Nation Number of
  Hong Kong &&&&&&&&&+9[c]
  Mainland China[a] &&&&&&&&&+7[c]
  Iran &&&&&&&&&+4
  Indonesia &&&&&&&&&+2
  Philippines &&&&&&&&&+2
  Taiwan[b] &&&&&&&&&+1

The nominations tally includes People's Choice Awards nominations.

Nation Number of
  Mainland China[a] &&&&&&&&+24[d]
  Hong Kong &&&&&&&&+22[e]
  Taiwan[b] &&&&&&&&+12[f]
  Japan &&&&&&&&+10
  India &&&&&&&&&+7
  Iran &&&&&&&&&+6
  Indonesia &&&&&&&&&+5
  South Korea &&&&&&&&&+5
  Philippines &&&&&&&&&+4
  Thailand &&&&&&&&&+3
  France[g] &&&&&&&&&+2
  Sri Lanka &&&&&&&&&+1
a^ : The term "Mainland China" was used to refer to the People's Republic of China.
b^ : The term "Taiwan" was used to refer to the Republic of China.
c^ : 6 awards are shared between Hong Kong and Mainland China.
d^ : 18 nominations are shared with Hong Kong, France and Taiwan.
e^ : 16 nominations are shared with China and Taiwan.
f^ : 2 nominations are shared with China and Hong Kong.
g^ : France was included because of the co-production with China for the film, 11 Flowers, thus sharing 2 nominations with China.




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