68th Venice International Film Festival

The 68th annual Venice International Film Festival was held in Venice, Italy between 31 August and 10 September 2011.[1] American film director Darren Aronofsky was announced as the Head of the Jury.[2] American actor and film director Al Pacino was presented with the Glory to the Film-maker award on 4 September, prior to the premiere of his upcoming film Wilde Salomé.[3] Marco Bellocchio was awarded with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in September.[4] The festival opened with the American film The Ides of March, directed by George Clooney,[5] and closed with Damsels in Distress by Whit Stillman.[6]

68th Venice International Film Festival
Festival poster
Opening filmThe Ides of March
Closing filmDamsels in Distress
LocationVenice, Italy
AwardsGolden LionFaust
Silver LionCai Shangjun (People Mountain People Sea)
Hosted byVittoria Puccini
Festival date31 August – 10 September 2011
Venice Film Festival chronology


The international juries of the 68th Venice International Film Festival were composed as follows:[7]

Main competition (Venezia 68)

Horizons (Orizzonti)

Controcampo Italiano

Opera Prima (Venice Award for a Debut Film)

Official selectionEdit

In CompetitionEdit

The following films were selected to compete for the Golden Lion:[8]

English title Original title Director(s) Production country
4:44 Last Day on Earth Abel Ferrara United States
Alps Alpis (Άλπεις) Yorgos Lanthimos Greece
A Burning Hot Summer (That Summer) Un été brûlant Philippe Garrel France
Carnage Roman Polanski France, Germany, Spain, Poland
Chicken with Plums Poulet aux prunes Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud France, Belgium, Germany
A Dangerous Method David Cronenberg Germany, Canada
Dark Horse Todd Solondz United States
The Exchange Hahithalfut Eran Kolirin Israel, Germany
Faust (Фауст) Alexander Sokurov Russia
Himizu (ヒミズ) Sion Sono Japan
The Ides of March George Clooney United States
Killer Joe William Friedkin United States
The Last Man on Earth L'Ultimo Terrestre Gipi Italy
Life Without Principle Dyut ming gam (奪命金) Johnnie To Hong Kong
People Mountain People Sea Ren shan ren hai (人山人海) Cai Shangjun China, Hong Kong
Seediq Bale Sài dé kè ba lái (賽德克·巴萊) Wei Te-sheng Taiwan
Shame Steve McQueen United Kingdom
A Simple Life Taojie (桃姐) Ann Hui Hong Kong
Terraferma Emanuele Crialese Italy
Texas Killing Fields Ami Canaan Mann United States
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Tomas Alfredson United Kingdom, France
When the Night Quando la notte Cristina Comencini Italy
Wuthering Heights Andrea Arnold United Kingdom
Highlighted title indicates the Golden Lion winner.

Out of competitionEdit

The following films were shown out of competition:[9][10]

Feature films
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
Almayer's Folly La Folie Almayer Chantal Akerman France, Belgium
Alois Nebel Tomáš Luňák Czech Republic, Germany
The Cardboard Village Il Villaggio di Cartone Ermanno Olmi Italy
Contagion Steven Soderbergh United States
The Disintegration La Désintégration Philippe Faucon Belgium
Eva Kike Maillo Spain, France
The Field of Enchantment La clé des champs Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou France
Long Live the Antipodes! (documentary) Vivan las Antipodas! Victor Kossakovsky Germany, Argentina, Netherlands, Chile, Russia
The Moth Diaries Mary Harron Canada, Ireland
Scossa Francesco Maselli, Carlo Lizzani, Ugo Gregoretti, Nino Russo Italy
The Sorcerer and the White Snake Bai she chuan shuo Ching Siu-tung China, Hong Kong
Summer Games Giochi d'estate Rolando Colla Switzerland, Italy
Tahrir 2011: The Good, the Bad, and the Politician Tahrir 2011 Tamer Ezzat, Ahmad Abdalla, Ayten Amin, Amr Salama Egypt
Tormented Rabitto horâ 3D Takashi Shimizu Japan
Violet Wister's Damsels in Distress Whit Stillman United States
W.E Madonna United Kingdom
Wilde Salomé Al Pacino United States
Short films
Title Duration Director(s) Production country
The End 3.5 min. Collectif Abounaddara Syria
Vanguard 1.5 min. Collectif Abounaddara Syria
Evolution (Megaplex) 10 min. Marco Brambilla United States
Marco Bellocchio, Venezia 2011 (documentary) 11 min. Pietro Marcello Italy
La meditazione di Hayez 6 min. Mario Martone Italy
Joule 23 min. David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi Italy
Spell. The Hypnotist Dog 20 min. David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi Italy
Spell. Suite ~ David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi Italy
Special Events
Title Occasion Director(s) Production country
Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel Lisa Immordino Vreeland United States
Don't Expect too Much Nicholas Ray 1911–2011 Susan Ray United States
Duvidha Mani Kaul: 25.12.1944–6.7.2011 Mani Kaul India
In the Name of the Father (Nel nome del padre) Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement Marco Bellocchio Italy
India: Matri Bhumi Rossellini Ritrovato Roberto Rossellini Italy
Mildred Pierce Tribute to Todd Haynes Todd Haynes United States
Questa storia qua Alessandro Paris, Sibylle Righetti Italy
We Can't Go Home Again Nicholas Ray 1911–2011 Nicholas Ray United States


The following films were selected for the Horizons (Orizzonti) section:[11]

Feature films
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
Alms of the Blind Horse Anhe Ghore Da Daan Gurvinder Singh India
The Bird L'Oiseau Yves Caumon France
Cut Amir Naderi Japan
The Flock of the Lord Die Herde des Herrn Romuald Karmakar Germany
Hail Amiel Courtin-Wilson Australia
Hollywood Talkies Óscar Pérez, Mia de Ribot Spain
Hop-o'-My-Thumb Le petit poucet Marina de Van France
The Invader L'envahisseur Nicolas Provost Belgium
Kotoko Shinya Tsukamoto Japan
Love Flesh Amore Carne Pippo Delbono Italy, Switzerland
Lung Neaw Visits His Neighbours Rirkrit Tiravanija Thailand, Mexico
N/A Nocturnos Edgardo Cozarinsky Argentina
The Orator O le tulafale Tusi Tamasese New Zealand, Samoa
P-047 Tae peang phu deaw Kongdej Jaturanrasmee Thailand
Photographic Memory Ross McElwee United States, France
Sal (aka Sal Mineo: A Biography) James Franco United States
Shock Head Soul Simon Pummel Netherlands, UK
Stateless Things Jool-tak-dong-si Kim Kyung-mook South Korea
Summer Verano José Luis Torres Leiva Chile
Swan Cisne Teresa Villaverde Portugal
Swirl Girimunho Helvécio Marins, Jr., Clarissa Campolina Brazil, Spain, Germany
The Sword Identity Wokou de zongji Xu Haofeng China
Two Years at Sea Ben Rivers United Kingdom
Whores' Glory Michael Glawogger Austria, Germany
Would You Have Sex with an Arab? Yolande Zauberman France
Medium-length and short films
Title Duration Director(s) Production country
663114 8 min Isamu Hirabayashi Japan
Accidentes gloriosos 58 min Mauro Andrizzi, Marcus Lindeen Sweden, Denmark, Argentina
All the Lines Flow Out 21 min Charles Lim Yi Yong Singapore
Black Mirror at the National Gallery 7 min Mark Lewis Canada
Conference: Notes on Film 05 8 min Norbert Pfaffenbichler Austria
Dialogical Abrasion (Dialogischer Abrieb) 19 min Yves Netzhammer Switzerland
The Golden Bird (Sonchidi) 55 min Amit Dutta India
Hypercrisis 17 min Josef Dabernig Austria
In attesa dell'avvento 20 min Felice D'Agostino, Arturo Lavorato Italy
Iz Tokio (From Tokyo) 11 min Aleksej German, Jr. Russia
Late and Deep ~ Devin Horan Norway
Louyre – This Our Still Life 7 min Andrew Kötting United Kingdom
Meteor 15 min Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller Germany
Miss Candace Hilligoss' Flickering Halo 13 min Fabio Scacchioloi, Vincenzo Core Italy
Modern N° 2 5 min Mirai Mizue Japan
Movements of an Impossible Time (Movimenti di un tempo impossible) 8 min Flatform Italy
Moving Stories 7 min Nicolas Provost Belgium
Notes sur nos voyages en Russie 1989–1990 15 min Yervant Gianikian, Angela Ricci-Lucchi Italy
Palaces of Pity (Palácios de pena) 59 min Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt Portugal
Parabeton – Pier Luigi Nervi und Römischer Beton 100 min Heinz Emigholz Germany
Passing Through the Night ~ Wattanapume Laisuwanchai Thailand
Piattaforma Luna 25 min Yuri Ancarini Italy
River Rites 11 min Ben Russell United States
Snow Canon 34 min Mati Diop France
Start 24 min Mattias Gustafsson Sweden
The Sun's Incubator (Hadinat al shams) 11 min Ammar Al-Beik Syria
The Tracks of My Tears 2 14 min Axel Petersén Sweden
Special Events
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
The Annunciation Marian Ilmestys Eija-Liisa Ahtila Finland
Birmingham Ornament Birmingemskiy ornament Andrey Silvestrov, Yuri Leiderman Russia
Century of Birthing Siglo ng pagluluwal Lav Diaz Philippines
Monkey Sandwich Wim Vandekeybus Belgium, France
The Silence of Pelesjan Il silenzio di Pelesjan Pietro Marcello Italy
Highlighted title indicates the Orizzonti Award for Best Feature Film winner.

Controcampo ItalianoEdit

The following films, representing "new trends in Italian cinema", were screened in this section:[10][12]

In competition

Feature fiction films
Title Director(s)
Easy! (Scialla!) Francesco Bruni
Maternity Blues Fabrizio Cattani
Qualche nuvola Saverio Di Biagio
The Arrival of Wang (L'arrivo di Wang) Manetti Bros.
Cose dell'altro mondo Francesco Patierno
Horses (Cavalli) Michele Rho
Tutta colpa della musica Ricky Tognazzi
Feature documentaries
Title Director(s)
Black Block Carlo Augusto Bachschmidt 
Piazza Garibaldi  Davide Ferrario
Pugni chiusi Fiorella Infascelli
Out of Tehran Monica Maggioni
Pasta nera Alessandro Piva
Quiproquo Elisabetta Sgarbi
Short films
Title Director(s)
Il maestro Maria Grazia Cucinotta 
A chjàna Jonas Carpignano
Alice Roberto De Paolis
The Cricket Stefano Lorenzi
Eco da luogo colpito Carlo Michele Scririnzi
Prove per un naufragio della parola  Elisabetta Sgarbi
My Name is Sid Giovanni Virgilio

Out of competition

Title Description Director(s)
Io Sono. Storie di Schiavitù Feature documentary Barbara Cupisti
Caldo grigio, caldo nero Feature documentary Marco Dentici
Rudolf Jacobs, l'uomo che nacque morendo Feature docu-fiction Luigi M. Faccini
Andata e ritorno (Presented as "work-in-progress") Medium-length documentary Donatella Finocchiaro
Dai nostri inviati – La RAI racconta la Mostra del cinema 1968 – 1979  Medium-length documentary  Giuseppe Gianotti, Enrico Salvatori, Davide Savelli 
Pivano Blues. Sulla strada di Nanda Feature documentary Teresa Marchesi
Schuberth – L’atelier della dolce vita Medium-length documentary Antonello Sarno
Hollywood Invasion Medium-length documentary Marco Spagnoli
Un foglio bianco Feature documentary Maurizio Zaccaro

Italian avant-garde retrospectiveEdit

The following films were shown as part of a retrospective section on Italian avant-garde films, titled Orizzonti 1961-1978, spanning the years 1961 to 1978.[13]

English title Original title Director(s) Released
N/A Anna Alberto Grifi 1975
N/A Il potere Augusto Tretti 1972
On the Point of Death In punto di morete Mario Garriba 1971
N/A I parenti tutti Fabio Garriba 1967
N/A Voce del verbo morire Mario Garriba 1970
N/A Sul davanti fioriva una magnolia Paolo Breccia 1968
N/A La quieta febbre Romano Scavolini 1964
N/A Diario beat Romano Scavolini 1967
N/A Attacco Romano Scavolini 1970
N/A LSD Romano Scavolini 1970
N/A Reflex Mario Schifano 1964
N/A Ferreri Mario Schifano 1967
N/A Souvenir Mario Schifano 1967
N/A Film Mario Schifano 1967
N/A Fotografo Mario Schifano 1967
N/A Vietnam Mario Schifano 1967
N/A Vieni dolce morte (dell'ego) Paolo Brunatto 1969
N/A Bis Paolo Brunatto 1966
N/A Hermitage Carmelo Bene 1967
N/A Il canto d'amore di Alfred Prufrock Nico D'Alessandria 1967
N/A Il respiro Alex Rupp 1964
N/A The City Alex Rupp 1961
N/A Zoommm, Track! Mario Carbone 1968
N/A Kappa Nato Frascà 1965-1966
N/A Soglie Nato Frascà 1978
Events of the Retrospective
N/A Il vetturale del San Gottardo Hans Hinrich and Ivo Illuminati 1941
N/A L'Accademia Musicale Chigiana Franco Zeffirelli 1950

Autonomous sectionsEdit

Venice International Film Critics' WeekEdit

The following films were screened for this section:[14]

In competition
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
In The Open El Campo Hernán Belón Argentina
Land of Oblivion La Terre outragée Michale Boganim France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine
Là-bas: A Criminal Education Là-bas: Educazione criminale Guido Lombardi Italy
Louise Wimmer Cyril Mennegun France
Machete Language El Lenguaje de los Machetes Kyzza Terrazas Mexico
Totem Jessica Krummacher Germany
Wetlands Marécages Guy Édoin Canada
Special Events – Out of Competition
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
Mission Of Peace Missione di Pace Fancesco Lagi Italy
Stockholm East Stockholm Östra Simon Kaijser da Silva Sweden
Special Event in collaboration with Venice Days
You Are Here Voi Siete Qui Francesco Matera Italy

Venice DaysEdit

The following films were screened as part of the Venice Days section[15][16] The three nominees for the European Parliament's 2011 Lux Prize received screenings as part of this section.[17]

In competition
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
All Our Desires Toutes nos envies Philippe Lioret France
Another Silence Santiago Amigorena France, Canada, Brazil, Argentina
Beyond the Glass (short) Di là del vetro Andrea di Bari Italy
Café de Flore Jean-Marc Vallée Canada, France
Found Memories Histórias que Só Existem Quando Lembradas Julia Murat Brazil, France
Guilty Présumé coupable Vincent Garenq France
Habibi Habibi Rasak Kharban Susan Youssef Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands
Last Winter Hiver dernier John Shank Belgium, France
Love and Bruises Lou Ye France
My Name Is Ki Ki Leszek Dawid Poland
Rust Ruggine Daniele Gaglianone Italy
Shun Li and the Poet Io sono Li Andrea Segre Italy, France
Twilight Portrait Portret v sumerkakh Angelina Nikonova Russia
Special Events
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
Crazy Horse Frederick Wiseman France, USA
Cuba in the Age of Obama Cuba Nell'Epoca di Obama Gianni Minà Italy
The Kaiser of California Der Kaiser von Kalifornien Luis Trenker Germany
Testimony Edut Shlomi Elkabetz Israel
Open Space
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
N/A La Penna di Hemingway (short) Renzo Carbonera Italy
Hit the Road, Nonna Duccio Chiarini Italy
The Forgotten World Cup Mundial olvidado Lorenzo Garzella, Filippo Macelloni Italy, Argentina
N/A Radici Carlo Luglio Italy
Più come un artista (More as an artist) Elisabetta Pandimiglio Italy
N/A Dietro il buio Giorgio Pressburger Italy
Valdagno, Arizona Pyoor Italy, United States
Lux Prize
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
Attenberg Athina Rachel Tsangari Greece
The Snows of Kilimanjaro Robert Guédiguian France
Play Ruben Östlund Sweden


Official selectionEdit

The following Official selection awards were conferred at the festival:[18]

In Competition (Venezia 68)

Horizons (Orizzonti)

  • Horizons Award: Kotoko by Shinya Tsukamoto (Japan)
  • Special Horizons jury prize: Whores' Glory by Michael Glawogger (Austria, Germany)
  • Horizons Award for medium-length film: Accidentes Gloriosos by Mauro Andrizzi and Marcus Lindeen (Sweden, Denmark, Germany)
  • Horizons Award for short film: In attesa dell'avvento by Felice D'Agostino and Arturo Lavorato (Italy)
Special mentions:
O Le Tulafale (The Orator) by Tusi Tamasese (New Zealand, Samoa)
All The Lines Flow Out by Charles LIM Yi Yong (Singapore)

Controcampo Italiano

Special Mentions:
Black Block (documentary) by Carlo Augusto Bachschmidt
Francesco Di Giacomo (cinematography) for Pugni chiusi

Special awards

  • Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement: Marco Bellocchio
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award: Al Pacino
  • Persol 3D Award for the Most Creative Stereoscopic Film: Zapruder Filmmakers Group (David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi & Monaldo Moretti)
  • L'Oréal Paris Award for Cinema: Nicole Grimaudo

Autonomous sectionsEdit

The following official and collateral awards were conferred to films of the autonomous sections:

Venice International Film Critics' Week

  • Lion of the Future
"Luigi de Laurentis" Award for a Debut Film: Là-bas by Guido Lombardi
  • Critics' Week Audience Award: Là-bas by Guido Lombardi

Venice Days (Giornati degli Autori)

  • Label Europa Cinemas Award: Guilty (Présumé coupable) by Vincent Garenq
  • Lina Mangiacapre Award: Shun Li and the Poet (Io sono Li) by Andrea Segre
  • Laterna Magica Award: Shun Li and the Poet by Andrea Segre
  • FEDIC Award: Shun Li and the Poet by Andrea Segre

Other collateral awardsEdit

The following collateral awards were conferred to films of the official selection:

Special mention: A Simple Life (Tao jie) by Ann Hui
Special mention: Kotoko by Shinya Tsukamoto
  • Gianni Astrei Award: A Simple Life by Ann Hui
  • Brian Award: The Ides of March by George Clooney
  • Queer Lion Award: Wilde Salomé by Al Pacino (Out of competition)
  • Lina Mangiacapre Award – Special mention: Maternity Blues by Fabrizio Cattani (Controcampo Italiano)
  • AIF Forfilmfest Award: Easy! (Scialla!) by Francesco Bruni (Controcampo Italiano)
  • Biografilm Lancia Award: Black Block by Carlo Augusto Bachschmidt (Controcampo Italiano)
  • Mimmo Rotella Foundation Award: The Last Man on Earth by Gian Alfonso Pacinotti
Special mention: Pasta nera by Alessandro Piva (Controcampo Italiano)


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