5th Army (Russian Empire)

The Russian Fifth Army was a World War I Russian field army that fought on the Eastern theatre of war.


The 5th Army saw action at the Battle of Rawa, (3–11 September 1914). Under the command of General Pavel Plehve, they advanced into a forty-mile gap in the Austrian line between the Austrian First and Fourth armies. The Austrian chief of staff, General Franz Conrad, ordered a general retreat: the Austrians fell back over one hundred miles and lost 350,000 men. The Germans then moved troops from the Prussian front to stop a potential Austrian collapse.[1]


Rank Commander Period(S)
General of Cavalry Pavel Plehve 19.07.1914 – 14.01.1915; 8.06.1915 – 6.12.1915;
General of Infantry Aleksey Czurin 14.01.1915 – 8.06.1915
General of Infantry Vladislav Klembovsky 6.12.1915 – 30.01.1916
General of Infantry Aleksey Kuropatkin 30.01.1916 – 6.02.1916
General of Cavalry Vasily Gurko 21.02.1916 – 4.08.1916
General of Infantry Władimir Slusarienko acting temporarily in August 1916
General of Cavalry Abram Dragomirov 14.08.1916 – 27.04.1917
General of Infantry Yuri Danilov 29.04.1917 – 9.09.1917
Lieutenant General Vasily Boldyrev 09.09.1917 – 13.11.1917
Lieutenant General Panteleimon Sukhanov 13.11.1917 – 01.01.1918
Major General Arthur Zulf 01.1918

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