52nd New Brunswick Legislature

The 52nd New Brunswick Legislative Assembly was created following a general election in 1991 and was dissolved on August 12, 1995.

Rendition of party representation in the 52nd New Brunswick Legislative Assembly, at its first session after the 1991 election.
  Liberal MLAs (46)
  Confederation of Regions MLAs (8)
  Progressive Conservative MLAs (3)
  New Democratic MLAs (1)

Leadership edit

The speaker from its first meeting until April 25, 1994, was Shirley Dysart, Dysart stepped down as speaker at the request of the government who wanted to appoint Gérald Clavette as speaker. [1] When the legislature met in the fall, Clavette was appointed speaker by motion and shortly thereafter the House adopted new rules to elect the speaker by secret ballot. Clavette resigned to re-seek the office of Speaker under the new rules and was defeated by Dysart who returned to the speakership for the balance of the life of the assembly. [2]

Premier Frank McKenna led the government for the life of the assembly.

The opposition was led for the life of the assembly by Danny Cameron, despite various changes in Cameron's status as leader of the New Brunswick Confederation of Regions Party. In 1994, when there became an equality of members (six each) between CoR and the Progressive Conservatives, the Speaker ruled that CoR would retain its position as the official opposition. [3]

Dennis Cochrane led the Progressive Conservatives for the life of the assembly.

Elizabeth Weir led the New Democrats for the life of the assembly.

Members edit

All were elected in the 32nd general election held on September 11, 1991, except for

Three members left their respective caucuses over the course of the assembly to sit as independents:

Members at dissolution edit

Electoral District Name Party
  Albert Beverly Brine Independent
  Bathurst Marcelle Mersereau Liberal
  Bay du Vin Reginald MacDonald Liberal
  Campbellton Edmond Blanchard Liberal
  Caraquet Bernard Thériault Liberal
  Carleton Centre Allison DeLong Liberal
  Carleton North Dale Graham Progressive Conservative
  Carleton South Bruce A. Smith Liberal
  Charlotte Centre Sheldon Lee Liberal
  Charlotte-Fundy Eric Allaby Liberal
  Charlotte West Reid Hurley Liberal
  Chatham Frank McKenna Liberal
  Dalhousie Allan E. Maher Liberal
  Edmundston Roland Beaulieu Liberal
  Fredericton North Edwin G. Allen Confederation of Regions
  Fredericton South Russell H. T. King Liberal
  Grand Falls Paul Duffie Liberal
  Kent Centre Alan R. Graham Liberal
  Kent North Conrad Landry Liberal
  Kent South Camille Thériault Liberal
  Kings Centre Georgie Day Liberal
  Kings East Hazen Myers Progressive Conservative
  Kings West Laureen Jarrett Liberal
  Madawaska Centre Gérald Clavette Liberal
  Madawaska-les-Lacs Georges Corriveau Liberal
  Madawaska South Percy Mockler Progressive Conservative
  Memramcook Greg O'Donnell Liberal
  Miramichi Bay Danny Gay Liberal
  Miramichi-Newcastle John McKay Liberal
  Moncton East Raymond Frenette Liberal
  Moncton North Vacant
  Moncton West James E. Lockyer Liberal
  Nepisiguit-Chaleur Frank Branch Liberal
  Nigadoo-Chaleur Albert Doucet Liberal
  Oromocto Ab Rector Confederation of Regions
  Petitcodiac Dennis Cochrane Progressive Conservative
  Queens North Doug Tyler Liberal
  Queens South Vaughn Blaney Liberal
  Restigouche East Rayburn Doucett Liberal
  Restigouche West Jean-Paul Savoie Liberal
  Riverview Gordon Willden Confederation of Regions
  Saint John East George J. Jenkins Liberal
  Saint John-Fundy Stuart Jamieson Liberal
  Saint John Harbour Louis Murphy Liberal
  Saint John North Leo McAdam Liberal
  Saint John Park Shirley Dysart Liberal
  Saint John South Elizabeth Weir New Democratic
  Saint John West Jane Barry Liberal
  Shediac Bernard Richard Liberal
  Shippagan-les-Îles Jean Gauvin Independent
  Southwest Miramichi Brent Taylor Independent
  St. Stephen-Milltown Ann Breault Liberal
  Sunbury Max White Confederation of Regions
  Tantramar Marilyn Trenholme Liberal
  Tracadie Elvy Robichaud Progressive Conservative
  Victoria-Tobique Larry Kennedy Liberal
  York North Gregory James Hargrove Confederation of Regions
  York South Danny Cameron Confederation of Regions

Italics denotes a party leader
† denotes the Speaker

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References edit

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