4th Parliament of Ontario

The 4th Parliament of Ontario was in session from June 5, 1879, until February 1, 1883, just prior to the 1883 general election. The majority party was the Liberal Party led by Oliver Mowat.

Charles Clarke served as speaker for the assembly.[1]

Riding Member Party
Addington Hammel Madden Deroche Liberal
Algoma Robert Adam Lyon Liberal
Brant James Young Liberal
Brant South Arthur Sturgis Hardy Liberal
Brockville Christopher Finlay Fraser Conservative
Bruce North Donald Sinclair Liberal
Bruce South Rupert Mearse Wells[nb 1] Liberal
Hamilton Parke O'Connor (1882) Liberal
Cardwell Charles Robinson Liberal
Carleton George William Monk Conservative
Cornwall William Mack Liberal
Dufferin John Barr[nb 2] Conservative
William Jelly (1880) Conservative
Dundas Andrew Broder Conservative
Durham East John Rosevear[nb 3] Conservative
Charles Herbert Brereton (1882) Conservative
Durham West James Wellington McLaughlin Liberal
Elgin East Thomas McIntyre Nairn Liberal
Elgin West John Cascaden Liberal
Essex North Solomon White Conservative
Essex South Lewis Wigle[nb 1] Conservative
William Douglas Balfour (1882) Liberal
Frontenac Delino Dexter Calvin Conservative
Glengarry Donald Macmaster[nb 1] Conservative
James Rayside (1882) Liberal
Grenville South Frederick John French Conservative
Grey East Abram William Lauder Conservative
Grey North David Creighton Conservative
Grey South James Hill Hunter Liberal
Haldimand Jacob Baxter Liberal
Halton David Robertson Liberal
Hamilton John Morison Gibson Liberal
Hastings East Nathaniel Stephen Appleby Independent Conservative
Hastings North George Henry Boulter Conservative
Hastings West Alexander Robertson[nb 4] Conservative
Baltis Rose (1882) Conservative
Huron East Thomas Gibson Liberal
Huron South Archibald Bishop Liberal
Huron West Alexander McLagan Ross Liberal
Kent East Daniel McCraney Liberal
Kent West Edward Robinson Liberal
Kingston James Henry Metcalfe Conservative
Lambton East Peter Graham Liberal
Lambton West Timothy Blair Pardee Liberal
Lanark North William Clyde Caldwell Liberal
Lanark South William Lees Independent
Leeds North and Grenville North Henry Merrick Conservative
Leeds South William Richardson Conservative
Lennox George Douglas Hawley Liberal
Lincoln Sylvester Neelon Liberal
London William Ralph Meredith Conservative
Middlesex East Richard Tooley Conservative
Middlesex North John Waters Liberal
Middlesex West John Watterworth Liberal
Monck Richard Harcourt Liberal
Muskoka and Parry Sound John Classon Miller[nb 4] Liberal
James Whitney Bettes (1882) Liberal
Norfolk North John Bailey Freeman Liberal
Norfolk South William Morgan Conservative
Northumberland East James Marshall Ferris Liberal
Northumberland West John Collard Field Liberal
Ontario North Thomas Paxton[nb 5] Liberal
Frank Madill (1881) Conservative
Ontario South John Dryden Liberal
Ottawa Patrick Baskerville Conservative
Oxford North Oliver Mowat Liberal
Oxford South Adam Crooks Liberal
Peel Kenneth Chisholm Liberal
Perth North David Davidson Hay Liberal
Perth South Thomas Ballantyne Liberal
Peterborough East Thomas Blezard Liberal
Peterborough West William Hepburn Scott[nb 3] Conservative
Robert Kincaid (1882) Conservative
Prescott William Harkin[nb 3] Conservative
Albert Peter Hagar Liberal (1881)
Prince Edward Gideon Striker Liberal
Renfrew North Thomas Murray[nb 4] Liberal
William Balmer McAllister (1882) Conservative
Renfrew South James Bonfield Liberal
Russell Adam Jacob Baker Conservative
Simcoe East Herman Henry Cook[nb 1] Liberal
Charles Alfred Drury (1882) Liberal
Simcoe South William James Parkhill Conservative
Simcoe West Thomas Long Conservative
Stormont Joseph Kerr Conservative
Toronto East Alexander Morris Conservative
Toronto West Robert Bell Conservative
Victoria North Samuel Stanley Peck Liberal
Victoria South Samuel Casey Wood Liberal
Waterloo North Moses Springer[nb 5] Liberal
Elias Weber Bingeman Snider (1881) Liberal
Waterloo South James Livingston[nb 1] Liberal
Isaac Master (1882) Liberal
Welland Daniel Near Liberal
Wellington Centre Charles Clarke Liberal
Wellington South James Laidlaw Liberal
Wellington West Robert McKim Liberal
Wentworth North James McMahon Liberal
Wentworth South Nicholas Awrey Liberal
York East George Badgerow Liberal
York North Joseph Henry Widdifield Liberal
York West Peter Patterson Liberal


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  2. ^ unseated after an appeal
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  4. ^ a b c resigned to contest federal seat
  5. ^ a b appointed sheriff in 1881


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