47th Venice International Film Festival

The 47th annual Venice International Film Festival was held from 4 to 14 September 1990.[1][2]

47th Venice International Film Festival
Festival poster
LocationVenice, Italy
Festival date4 August – 14 September 1990
Venice Film Festival chronology


The following people comprised the 1990 jury:[3]

Official selectionEdit

In competitionEdit

English title Original title Director(s) Production country
The African Woman Die Rückkehr Margarethe von Trotta West Germany, Italy
An Angel at My Table Jane Campion New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA
Boys on the Outside Ragazzi fuori Marco Risi Italy
(aka) Collapse Raspad Mikhail Belikov Soviet Union
(aka) Farewell to Autumn Pozegnanie jesieni Mariusz Trelinski Poland
The Gamblers Spieler Dominik Graf West Germany
Goodfellas Martin Scorsese USA
I Hired a Contract Killer Aki Kaurismäki Finland
N/A Karartma geceleri Yusuf Kurcenly Turkey
Laura Adler's Last Love Affair Ahavata Ha'ahronah Shel Laura Adler Avraham Collapse Israel
Martha and I Marta a já Jiri Weiss Czechoslovakia, West Germany
Mo' Better Blues Spike Lee USA
The Moon in the Mirror La luna en el espejo Silvio Caiozzi Chile
Mr. and Mrs. Bridge James Ivory UK
No Fear, No Die S'en fout la mort Claire Denis France
The Only Witness Edinstveniyat svidetel Mikhail Pandoursky Bulgaria
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead Tom Stoppard UK
Sirup Helle Ryslinge Denmark
Tales of a Golden Geisha Ageman Juzo Itami Japan
Traces of an Amorous Life Tracce di vita amorosa Peter Del Monte Italy
Walls Mathilukal Adoor Gopalakrishnan India

Out of competitionEdit

Autonomous sectionsEdit

Venice International Film Critics' WeekEdit

The following feature films were selected to be screened as In Competition for this section:[4]

  • Boom Boom by Rosa Vergés (Spain)
  • Cold Light of Day by Fiona Louise (United Kingdom)
  • December (Dicembre) by Antonio Monda (Italy)
  • La Discrète (en. The Discreet) by Christian Vincent (France)
  • He’s Still There by Halfdan O. Hussie (United States)
  • Under a Sky of Blue (Pod nebom golubym) by Vitaliy Dudin (Soviet Union)
  • The Station (La Stazione) by Sergio Rubini (Italy)
  • Winckelmanns’s Travels (Winckelmanns Reisen) by Jan Schütte (West Germany)


Tom Stoppard, winner of Golden Lion at 47th Venice International Film Festival


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