43rd General Assembly of Nova Scotia

The 43rd General Assembly of Nova Scotia represented Nova Scotia between March 14, 1946, and April 27, 1949.

Division of seatsEdit

There were 30 members of the General Assembly, elected in the 1945 Nova Scotia general election.

Leader Party # of Seats
  Frederick Murray Blois Conservative 0
  Angus L. Macdonald Liberal 28
  Donald MacDonald CCF 2
Total 30

List of membersEdit

Riding Name Position
  Annapolis County Henry Davies Hicks
  Antigonish John Patrick Gorman
  Cape Breton South John Smith MacIvor
  Cape Breton Centre Michael McDonald
  Cape Breton North Alexander O'Handley
  Cape Breton East Russell Cunningham
  Cape Breton West Malcolm A. Patterson Provincial secretary (1947)
  Colchester Gordon T. Purdy
  Robert F. McLellan
  Cumberland Kenneth Judson Cochrane
  Martin J. Kaufman
  Digby J. Willie Comeau
  Guysborough Arthur Whittier MacKenzie Minister of Agriculture
  Halifax South Angus L.MacDonald Premier
  Halifax Centre James Edward Rutledge
  Halifax North Harold Connolly Minister of Industry
  Halifax East Geoffrey W. Stevens
  Halifax West Ronald Manning Fielding
  Hants Robert A. MacLellan
  Inverness Alexander H. McKinnon
  Kings David Durell Sutton
  Lunenburg Frank R. Davis
  Gordon E. Romkey speaker
  Pictou Josiah H. MacQuarrie Attorney General
  Alfred B. DeWolfe
  Queens Merrill D. Rawding
  Richmond Lauchlin Daniel Currie
  Shelburne Wilfred Tennyson Dauphinee
  Victoria John M. Campbell
  Yarmouth Henry A. Waterman

Former members of the 43rd General AssemblyEdit

Name Party Electoral District Cause of departure Succeeded by Elected
  Josiah H. MacQuarrie Liberal Pictou named judge 1947


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