432 Chamber Orchestra

The 432 Chamber Orchestra (Bulgarian: Камерен оркестър 432), is a chamber string orchestra based in Sofia, Bulgaria. It plays in a4 = 432 Hz concert pitch. It has 13 string players (4-3-3-2-1) and a conductor.

432 Chamber Orchestra
432 Chamber Orchestra.jpg
432 Chamber Orchestra
Founded11 November 2013
Principal conductorIvan Yanakiev


The 432 Chamber orchestra was founded by Ivan Yanakiev with the support of fellow conductor Alexandros Geralis in Autumn 2013 as an experimental ensemble. Yanakiev involved eight players in the experiment. The main goal then was to see how the 432 Hz concert pitch sounded on acoustic instruments. The tuning of the instruments was also modified by the application of the so-called open fifths.[1]

In September 2014, Yanakiev gathered thirteen players and after two months of rehearsing, they made the rеcording of Edvard Grieg's "Holberg" Suite.


In 2015, the 432 Chamber Orcehstra held two concerts, on 18 May[2] in "Studio 1" Bulgarian National Radio, organized by "Hristo Botev" programme[3] and on 22 December in "Dr. Long" church, organized by Mrs Veneta Neynska from MODO.BG.[4]

The first concert of the year 2016 was on 13 March in Studio 5 Club.[5]


Soloists to the orchestra were:

  • Ivailo Donkov[2] - Tenor
  • Miryana Kalushkova[2] - Soprano

Rehearsing hallEdit

Since November 2013 the 432 Chamber Orchestra is rehearsing in Chitalishte "Andrei Stoyanov".


  • Ivan Yanakiev (2013–present)
  • Alexandros Geralis (2013)

Awards and recognitionEdit

  • 2016 – "Debut of the year 2015" in the "Musician of the year" inquiry ("Allegro vivace", Bulgarian National Radio)[6]
The conductor Ivan Yanakiev with the "Debut of the year 2015" prize


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