42nd Oklahoma Legislature

The Forty-second Oklahoma Legislature was a meeting of the legislative branch of the government of Oklahoma, composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives. It met in Oklahoma City from January 3, 1989, to January 8, 1991, during the term of Governor Henry Bellmon. In 1989, a ballot question designated the sine die adjournment day, or last day of session, as the last Friday in May.[1] Combined with the 90-day requirement, this moved the session start day to February, leaving the original start day in January as an organizational day.[1]

42nd Oklahoma Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Robert V. Cullison (D)
January 3, 1989–January 8, 1991
34   14  
69   32  

Dates of sessionsEdit

  • First regular session: January 3-May 26, 1989
  • Special sessions: 46 days spanning August 14, 1989-May 2, 1990
  • Second regular session: February 5-May 25, 1990

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Party compositionEdit


Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican
34 14 48
Voting share 70.8% 29.2%

House of RepresentativesEdit

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican
69 32 101
Voting share 68.3% 31.7%

Major legislationEdit


  • Education - HB 1017 was an education reform package enacted by the state legislature after Governor Henry Bellmon called for the longest special session in state history.[2]



Democratic State Senator Robert V. Cullison served as President pro tempore of the Oklahoma Senate.

Democratic State Senator Darryl F. Roberts served as Majority Leader of the Oklahoma Senate

House of RepresentativesEdit

Democratic leadershipEdit

Jim Barker served as Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives during the first regular session in 1989, but was ousted on May 17, 1989,[3] due to political infighting.[4] He was replaced by Steve Lewis, who served during the special and second regular sessions.

Republican leadershipEdit

Joe Heaton served as Republican Minority leader.



District Name Party Towns Represented
Lt-Gov Robert S. Kerr III Dem President of Senate
1 William Schuelein Dem Miami, Grove, Jay
2 Stratton Taylor Dem Claremore, Pryor
3 Herb Rozell Dem Tahlequah, Stillwell
4 Larry Dickerson Dem Sallisaw, Poteau
5 Rex Chandler Dem Atoka, Hugo, Idabel
6 Billy Mickle Dem Durant
7 Gene Stipe Dem McAlester, Wilburton
8 Frank Shurden Dem Okmulgee, Henryetta
9 Ben Robinson Dem Muskogee, Ft. Gibson
10 John Dahl Dem Pawhuska, Fairfax
11 Maxine Cissel-Horner Dem Tulsa
12 Ted Fisher Dem Sapulpa, Bristow
13 Dick Wilkerson Dem Ada, Atwood
14 Darryl Roberts Dem Ardmore
15 Trish Weedn Dem Norman, Purcell
16 Gary Gardenhire Rep Norman
17 Carl Franklin Dem Shawnee
19 Ed Long Dem Enid
20 Olin Branstetter Rep Ponca City, Tonkawa
21 Bernice Shedrick Dem Stillwater
22 Ralph J. Choate Rep Hennessey, Kingfisher
23 Ray Giles Dem Chickasha, Hinton
24 Cliff Marshall Dem Duncan, Moore, Kellyville
26 Gilmer Capps Dem Elk City, Sayre, Mangum
29 Jerry Pierce Rep Bartlesville
31 Paul Taliaferro Dem Lawton
32 Roy Hooper Dem Lawton
33 Penny Williams Dem Tulsa
34 Robert Cullison Dem Tulsa
35 Don Rubottom Rep Tulsa
37 Lewis Long Jr. Dem Tulsa, Sand Springs, Bixby, Glenpool
38 Robert M. Kerr Dem Altus, Weatherford
39 Jerry Smith Rep Tulsa
40 Leo Kingston Rep Oklahoma City
41 Mark Snyder Rep Edmond
42 Dave Herbert Dem Midwest City
43 Ben Brown Dem Oklahoma City
44 Kay Dudley Rep Oklahoma City
45 Tom Cole Rep Oklahoma City, Moore
46 Bernest Cain Dem Oklahoma City
47 Mike Fair Rep Edmond, Oklahoma City
48 Vicki Miles-LaGrange Dem Oklahoma City
49 Don Williams Dem
50 Enoch Kelly Haney Dem Seminole
51 Charles Ford Rep Tulsa
52 Howard Hendrick Rep Bethany, Oklahoma City
54 Gerald Wright Rep Oklahoma City
  • Table based on state almanac.[5]

House of RepresentativesEdit

Speaker Jim Barker, 1989
Name District Party Counties in District
Mike Murphy 1 Dem McCurtain
Don Mentzer 2 Dem Sequoyah
James Hamilton 3 Dem LeFlore
Robert Medearis 4 Dem Cherokee
Rick Littlefield 5 Dem Delaware, Mayes, Ottawa
George Vaughn Jr. 6 Dem Craig, Mayes, Rogers
Larry Roberts 7 Dem Ottawa
Larry Rice 8 Dem Mayes, Rogers, Wagoner
Dwayne Steidley 9 Dem Rogers
Gary Taylor 10 Dem Osage, Washington
Jim Dunlap 11 Rep Nowata, Washington
Jerry Hefner 12 Dem Muskogee, Wagoner
Jim Barker 13 Dem Muskogee
Jeff Potts 14 Dem Muskogee
Walter R. McDonald 15 Dem Haskell, McIntosh, Muskogee
M. C. Leist 16 Dem Okmulgee
Ronald Glenn 17 Dem Latimer, LeFlore, McCurtain, Pittsburg
Walt Roberts 18 Dem Pittsburg
Bart Bates 19 Dem Choctaw, McCurtain, Pushmataha
Tommy Thomas 20 Dem Atoka, Johnston, Pittsburg
Guy Gaylon Davis 21 Dem Bryan
Gary Coffee 22 Dem Carter, Coal, Garvin, Murray, Pontotoc
Kevin Easley 23 Dem Tulsa, Wagoner
Glen D. Johnson, Jr. 24 Dem Hughes, Okfuskee, Okmulgee
Karroll Rhoades 25 Rep Pontotoc
Bob Weaver 26 Rep Pottawatomie
Steve C. Lewis 27 Dem Cleveland, Pottawatomie
Danny Williams 28 Dem Okfuskee, Seminole
Bill Gurley 29 Rep Creek
Mike Tyler 30 Dem Creek
Frank Davis 31 Rep Logan, Noble
Don Kinnamon 32 Dem Lincoln, Logan
Jessie Pilgrim 33 Dem Payne
Larry Gish 34 Dem Payne
Larry Ferguson 35 Rep Noble, Osage, Pawnee, Payne
James Hager 36 Dem Osage
James Holt 37 Rep Kay
Jim Reese 38 Rep Alfalfa, Grant, Kay
Steven Boeckman 39 Rep Alfalfa, Blaine, Garfield, Kingfisher, Major
Gary Maxey 40 Dem Garfield
John McMillen 41 Rep Garfield
Bill Mitchell 42 Dem Garvin, Grady
Harold Hale 43 Dem Canadian
Carolyn Thompson 44 Dem Cleveland
Cal Hobson 45 Dem Cleveland
Vickie White 46 Dem Cleveland, McClain
Denver Talley 47 Dem Grady
Don Duke 48 Dem Carter
Bill Brewster 49 Dem Carter, Love, Marshall
Ed Apple 50 Rep Stephens
Bill James Smith 51 Dem Cotton, Jefferson, Stephens
Howard Cotner 52 Dem Harmon, Jackson
John Lassiter 53 Dem Cleveland
Joan Greenwood 54 Rep Cleveland
Emil Lee Grieser 55 Dem Caddo, Kiowa, Washita
Tom Manar 56 Dem Caddo
Bill Widener 57 Dem Blaine, Custer
Elmer Maddux 58 Rep Woods, Woodward
Frank Lucas 59 Rep Blaine, Dewey, Ellis, Harper, Roger Mills, Woodward
Wendell Powell 60 Dem Beckham, Greer, Harmon
Jack Begley 61 Dem Beaver, Cimarron, Texas
Jim Maddox 62 Dem Comanche
Lloyd Benson 63 Dem Comanche, Tillman
Sid Hudson 64 Dem Comanche
Jim Glover 65 Dem Comanche, Grady
Russ Roach 66 Dem Tulsa
Wayne Cozort 67 Rep Tulsa
Jay Logan 68 Dem Tulsa
William Veitch 69 Rep Tulsa
John Bryant Jr. 70 Rep Tulsa
Rob Johnson 71 Rep Tulsa
Don McCorkle Jr. 72 Dem Tulsa
Don Ross 73 Dem Tulsa
Gene Combs 74 Dem Tulsa
Grover Campbell 75 Rep Rogers, Tulsa
Richard Williamson 76 Rep Tulsa
Gary Stottlemyre 77 Dem Tulsa
Frank Pitezel 78 Rep Tulsa
Jim Henshaw 79 Rep Tulsa
Joseph Gordon 80 Rep Tulsa
Ray Vaughn 81 Rep Oklahoma
Leonard Sullivan 82 Rep Oklahoma
Joe Heaton 83 Rep Oklahoma
Bill Graves 84 Rep Oklahoma
Michael Hunter 85 Rep Oklahoma
Larry Adair 86 Dem Adair, Delaware, Mayes
Robert Worthen 87 Rep Oklahoma
Linda Larason 88 Dem Oklahoma
Kevin Hutchcroft 89 Dem Oklahoma
Charles Key 90 Rep Oklahoma
Alice Musser 91 Dem Oklahoma
Bill Paulk 92 Dem Oklahoma
Wanda Jo Peltier 93 Dem Oklahoma
Gary Bastin 94 Dem Oklahoma
Jim Isaac 95 Dem Oklahoma
Mark Seikel 96 Dem Oklahoma
Kevin Cox 97 Dem Oklahoma
Tim Pope 98 Rep Canadian, Cleveland
Freddye Williams 99 Dem Oklahoma
Ernest Istook 100 Rep Oklahoma
Jeff Hamilton 101 Dem Oklahoma
  • Table based on government database.[6]


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