42-01 is a Dominican rock band formed in 2014 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The band consists of Kevin Castillo (vocals), Kelmer Messina (lead guitar), Luis David Miranda (drums), Samuel Jiminian (rhythm guitar) and José Guillermo Álvarez (bass guitar)

OriginSanto Domingo, República Dominicana
GenresHard Rock, Metal, Progressive Rock
Years active2014–present
Associated actsShrodd, Yocajú, Cloverlift
Website42-01 on Facebook
MembersKevin Castillo
Kelmer Messina
Luis David Miranda
Samuel Jiminian
José Guillermo Álvarez
(T i p o l i n d o)
Past membersRicardo Fiallo
Roboam Dinzey
Kenneth Rosario
Daniel Alonso
Joey Marti
Pedro Malla

At this time, they are recording "Overdue", their first EP.


2012–15: Foundation and early yearsEdit

On 2012, after having played music together for many years, classmates Kelmer Messina and Luis David Miranda decided to create a music project where, rather than just performing the covers of their favorite artists, they would venture into creating music of their own. For this reason, Kelmer took the role of guitarist, Luis David the role of bassist, and they recruited their friend Pedro Malla to play on the drums and started rehearsing on his home studio. Through Malla, they ended up meeting Ricardo Fiallo, which ended up being the band's keyboardist and backing vocalist. During one of their rehearsals, Guillermo Periche, a friend of the band, jokingly suggested the name "42-01" as a reference to the Dominican Republic's Law 42-01, which moderates the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Even if at the time they found the name amusing, they ended up choosing this name a month before their first concert in 2015. Because of the band's disorganization, they ended up in an extended hiatus in which both Pedro Malla and Ricardo Fiallo left the band and Kelmer Messina and Luis David Miranda momentarily stopped performing music together.

Being frustrated with his previous failed musical ventures, Kelmer Messina went ahead to write and compose music on his own to satiate his desire of making music, where he created most of the band's earlier catalogue. Content with the music he made, Kelmer sent the tracks to Luis David, which motivated him to work with Kelmer once again. Kelmer and Luis David decided to start playing together again and looked for musicians to fill in the other roles of the band, finding Roboam Dinzey to play the drums, Daniel Alonso to play bass guitar, and Kenneth Rosario to do lead vocals, period in which they started rehearsing the songs Kelmer wrote. Shortly after, Kelmer got back in contact with Ricardo Fiallo, which was eager to be reunited with the band after he heard new original material. In this period 42-01 recorded their first live session at Lovera Studios.

After months of rehearsing, 42-01, along with its sister band Cangrejo and other local acts, played its first concert on September 12, 2015 on Cinema Café in the "Fuck the System: Punk Show", where they played the closing set and got the love of the crowd as far as being asked for an encore. Weeks after, Daniel Alonso left the band because his studies and work took so much time from him that he would not have time to rehearse and at the same time Kenneth was kicked from the band due to creative differences. This led to Luis David filling in Daniel Alonso's role as bass guitarist and for the group to start a brief hiatus in which they auditioned new members.

2016–2018: Current lineup, live performances and first recordingsEdit

In February 2016, the band recruited Kevin Castillo and Samuel Jiminian to fill in the roles of vocalist and guitarist. After their integration, the band resumed playing live shows and released their first single "Parachutes (Say 'No' To Falling)" on May 31, 2016. On Summer 2017, Ricardo Fiallo left the band to pursue his studies abroad, which resulted in Luis David Miranda's change from bassist to drummer and the inclusion of José Guillermo Álvarez. On June 8, 2018, they released their first EP titled "Overdue", with a title that came about from both the lyrics of "After-Image", the EP's lead single, and the many issues that the band faced when recording it.

Style and songwritingEdit

42-01 are primarily influenced by classic and contemporary rock, metal, and progressive rock or metal bands, as is the case with Guns N' Roses, Pink Floyd, The White Stripes, Megadeth, Metallica, Dream Theater, Rush, Radiohead, Iron Maiden, Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Mastodon, Tool, Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, St. Vincent, The Dead Weather, and The Kills.

Despite their influences, 42-01 does not specifically classify themselves as part of a specific rock or metal subgenre, something which can be noted in how they manage to blend different genres in various songs and have songs that could fit in vastly different subgenres of music.

In their music, 42-01 greatly value technical and compositional proficiency because of their heavy influence from bands such as Dream Theater, Rush, and Megadeth, making intricate melodic and rhythmic parts and key signature and time signature changes a common occurrence in their music. Due to Kelmer Messina's role as primary songwriter, 42-01's music tends to be guitar-focused, having riffing and guitar soloing prominent elements in most of their songs. Unlike most rock and metal subgenres, the bass guitar is a big part of their sound as José Guillermo Álvarez likes to showcase interesting melodies that enrich the other melodies played by other instruments rather than just mimic their parts. Luis David Miranda provides an energetic drumming style that finds the balance between foreground and background by implementing rhythms that complement the other instruments.

42-01's lyrics tend to reflect angst or anger, in accordance to the influence they have received from metal and grunge music.

Band membersEdit

Current membersEdit

  • Kelmer Messina – lead guitar (2014–2018)
  • Luis David Miranda – drums (2018-present), bass guitar (2014–2018), rhythm guitar (2015)
  • Kevin Castillo – vocals (2016–present)
  • Samuel Jiminian – rhythm guitar (2016–present)
  • José Guillermo Álvarez – bass guitar (2018–present)



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