3rd Parliament of Upper Canada

The 3rd Parliament of Upper Canada was opened 28 May 1801. Elections in Upper Canada had been held in July 1800. All sessions were held at Parliament Buildings of Upper Canada in York, Upper Canada. This parliament was dissolved 14 May 1804.

This House of Assembly of the 3rd Parliament of Upper Canada had four sessions 28 May 1801 to 9 March 1804:[1]

Sessions[1] Start End
1st 28 May 1801 9 July 1801
2nd 25 May 1802 7 July 1802
3rd 24 January 1803 5 March 1803
4th 1 February 1804 9 March 1804
Riding Member
Dundas Jacob Weager
Durham, Simcoe & 1st York Henry Allcock unseated
Angus Macdonell (July 1801)
Essex Matthew Elliott
Essex Thomas McKee
Frontenac John Ferguson
Glengarry & Prescott Alexander Macdonell
Glengarry & Prescott Angus Macdonell
Grenville Samuel Sherwood
Hastings & Northumberland David McGregor Rogers
Kent Thomas McCrae
Leeds William Buell
Lennox & Addington Timothy Thompson
2nd, 3rd, 4th Lincoln Ralfe Clench
2nd, 3rd, 4th Lincoln Isaac Swayze
2nd Lincoln Samuel Street – Speaker 1800–1801
Norfolk, Oxford & Middlesex David William Smith – Speaker 1801–1804
Prince Edward Ebenezer Washburn
Stormont & Russell Robert Isaac Dey Gray
West York, 1st Lincoln & Haldimand Robert Nelles
West York, 1st Lincoln & Haldimand Richard Beasley

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