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3rd Alpini Regiment

The 3rd Alpini Regiment (Italian: 3° Reggimento Alpini) is a light Infantry regiment of the Italian Army, specializing in mountain combat. The Alpini are a mountain infantry corps of the Italian Army, that distinguished itself in combat during World War I and World War II.

3rd Alpini Regiment
3° Reggimento Alpini
CoA mil ITA rgt alpini 003.png
Coat of Arms of the 3rd Alpini Regiment
Active1 Nov. 1882 - 8 Sept. 1943
25 June 1944 - 30 Sept. 1945
23 Nov. 1993 - today
BranchItalian Army
RoleMountain Infantry
Size1 Battalion
Susa Battalion
Part of2nd Alpine Division “Taurinense”
1935 - 1943
1st Brigade - Italian Liberation Corps
1944 - 1945
Taurinense Alpine Brigade
1993 - today
Garrison/HQPinerolo (TO)
Motto(s)"Altius tendo"
Anniversaries16 June 1915 - Battle of Monte Nero
EngagementsWorld War I
Battle of Monte Nero
War in Afghanistan
DecorationsCavaliere BAR.svg Valor militare silver medal BAR.svg Valor militare silver medal BAR.svg Valor militare silver medal BAR.svg Valor militare bronze medal BAR.svg Valor militare bronze medal BAR.svg Valor dell'esercito bronze medal BAR.svg Croce di guerra al valor militare BAR.svg Croce al merito dell'esercito gold medal BAR.svg Medaglia di bronzo al merito CRI BAR.svg
1x Military Order of Italy
3x Silver Medals of Military Valour
2x Bronze Medals of Military Valour
1x Bronze Medal of Army Valour
1x War Cross of Military Valour
1x Gold Cross of Army Merit
1x Bronze Medal of Red Cross Merit [1]



The 3rd Alpini Regiment was formed on 1 November 1882. It consisted of the three battalions: Val Stura, Val Maira and Monti Lessini, named after the valleys and localities from which their soldiers were recruited. In 1886 the battalions were renamed, taking their new names from the location of their main logistic depot: Fenestrelle, Susa and "Susa 2°".

In 1908 the composition of the regiment changed: the Pinerolo battalion was moved from the 4th Alpini Regiment and the "Susa 2°" battalion was renamed "Exilles".

World War IEdit

The 3rd regiment saw its first action in the Italo-Turkish War of 1911, fighting Ottoman forces in the Libyan desert. During World War I, the regiment consisted of 13 battalions and saw heavy fighting in the Alps against Austria's Kaiserjäger and Germany's Alpenkorps. The battalions of the regiment in these days were (pre-war raised units in bold, followed by their first and second line reserve battalions):

Interwar periodEdit

On 10 September 1935, the 1st Alpine Division “Taurinense” was formed and composed of the 3rd Alpini and 4th Alpini Regiment and the 1st Mountain Artillery Regiment. The division participated in 1936 in the Italian conquest of Abyssinia.

World War IIEdit

In 1940 the regiment, as part of the Taurinense division, fought in the Italian attack on Greece. After the German invasion of Yugoslavia the “Taurinense” performed garrison duties in Montenegro where the regiment disbanded after the signing of the Italian armistice with the Allies on 8 September 1943. Most of its soldiers joined the Italian Partisan Brigade Garibaldi, which operated in central Yugoslavia.

On 25 June 1944, the 3rd Alpini regiment was recreated in Southern Italy with the battalions Piemonte and Monte Granero. Along with the 4th Bersaglieri Regiment it formed the 1st Italian Brigade of the Italian Liberation Corps, which fought in the war on the Allied side. After the Bersaglieri regiment had suffered heavy casualties the two regiments were merged on 30 September 1944 to form the Special Infantry Regiment, which entered the Combat Group "Legnano". The Combat Group was equipped with British weapons and materiel and fought as part of the Polish II Corps on the extreme left of the British 8th Army near the river Idice.

Cold WarEdit

After World War II, only the "Susa" battalion was reformed on 23 November 1945, as part of the 4th Alpini regiment and it carried on the traditions and regimental colours of the 3rd Alpini.

Current structureEdit

3rd Alpini Regiment on the march on the Monte Rosa glacier
3rd Alpini Regiment mortar platoon

On 23 November 1993, the 3rd Alpini Regiment was recreated and the "Susa" became its only battalion. Today the 3rd Regiment consists of the "Susa" battalion, the regimental command, and a logistic support company. The regiment is based in Pinerolo, in the Province of Turin, and is part of the Alpine Brigade "Taurinense". The 3rd regiment was based in Kabul as part of Italy's contributions to ISAF until August 2007, when it was replaced by the 7th Alpini Regiment.

  •   Regimental Command
    •   Logistic Support Company
    •   Alpini Battalion "Susa"
      •   34th Alpini Company "Pieta’ l’e’morta"
      •   35th Alpini Company "La vipera"
      •   36th Alpini Company "L’ardia"
      •   133rd Maneuver Support Company "La nobile"


The Alpini companies are equipped with Bv 206S tracked all-terrain carriers, Puma 6x6 wheeled armored personnel carriers and Lince light multirole vehicles. The maneuver support company is equipped with 120mm mortars and Spike MR anti-tank guided missiles.

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