39th General Assembly of Nova Scotia

The 39th General Assembly of Nova Scotia represented Nova Scotia between October 1, 1928, to July 13, 1933.

Gordon Sidney Harrington became premier in 1930 after E. N. Rhodes entered the federal cabinet.

Division of seats edit

There were 43 members of the General Assembly, elected in the 1928 Nova Scotia general election.

Leader Party # of Seats
  Edgar Nelson Rhodes Conservative 24
  William Chisholm Liberal 18
  N/A CCF/United Farmer/Labour 1
Total 43

List of members edit

Riding Name Position
  Annapolis County Obediah Parker Goucher Minister of Agriculture


  Harry Thompson MacKenzie
  Antigonish County John Laughlin McIsaac
  William Chisholm
  Cape Breton Centre Gordon Sidney Harrington Premier (1930)
  Joseph Macdonald
  Cape Breton East Robert H. Butts
  Daniel R. Cameron
  Colchester County Frank Stanfield
  William A. Flemming
  Cumberland County Percy Chapman Black Minister of Highways
  Archibald Terris
  Daniel George McKenzie
  Digby County Joseph Willie Comeau
  Alexander S. MacMillan
  Guysborough County Clarence W. Anderson
  M. E. Morrison
  Halifax County John Francis Mahoney
  Gordon Benjamin Isnor
  Josiah Frederick Fraser Provincial Secretary
  Angus McDonald Morton
  Edward Joseph Cragg
  Hants County Albert E. Parsons
  Edgar Nelson Rhodes Premier
  Inverness County James A.Proudfoot
  Moses E. McGarry
  Kings County Reginald Tucker Caldwell
  George Clyde Nowlan
  Lunenburg County John James Kinley
  Gordon E. Romkey
  Pictou County John Doull
  Robert Albert Douglas
  Hugh Allan MacQuarrie
  Queens County William Lorimer Hall
  Donald W. MacKay
  Richmond County & Cape Breton West Edward C. Doyle
  Alonzo A. Martell
  Shelburne County Henry R. L. Bill
  Wishart McLea Robertson
  Victoria County Donald Buchanan McLeod
  Daniel Alexander Cameron
  Yarmouth County Lindsay C. Gardner
  René W.E. Landry

Former members of the 39th General Assembly edit

Name Party Electoral District Cause of departure Succeeded by Elected
  Edward Joseph Cragg Liberal Halifax County resigned to run federally n/a
  John James Kinley Liberal Lunenburg County resigned to run federally n/a
  Edward C. Doyle Liberal Richmond County & Cape Breton West resigned to run federally seat abolished
  Daniel Alexander Cameron Liberal Victoria County resigned to run federally seat abolished
  John Francis Mahoney Conservative Halifax County death George H. Murphy, Conservative January 21, 1930
  Edgar Nelson Rhodes Conservative Hants County named to federal cabinet n/a
  Frank Stanfield Conservative Colchester County appointed Lieutenant Governor n/a
  William Lorimer Hall Conservative Queens County appointed to Supreme Court of Nova Scotia seat abolished

References edit

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