38th government of Turkey

The 38th government of Turkey (November 17, 1974 – March 31, 1975) was a caretaker government of Turkey led by Sadi Irmak, an independent member of the Turkish senate.


After the end of the 37th government, no parties volunteered to form coalitions with other parties. Therefore, the president asked Sadi Irmak to form a technocratic government.

The governmentEdit

Title[1][2] Name
Prime Minister Sadi Irmak
Deputy Prime Minister Zeyyat Baykara
Minister of State
Mehmet Özgüneş
Muhlis Fer
Salih Yıldız
Ministry of Justice Hayri Mumcuoğlu
Ministry of National Defense İlhami Sancar
Ministry of the Interior Mukadder Öztekin
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Melih Esenbel
Ministry of Finance Bedri Gürsoy
Ministry of National Education Sefa Reisoğlu
Ministry of Public Works Vefa Tanır
Ministry of Commerce Haluk Cillov
Ministry of Health and Social Security Kemal Demir
Ministry of Customs and Monopolies Baran Tuncer
Ministry Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Reşat Aktan
Ministry of Transport Sabahattin Özbek
Ministry of Labour Turhan Esener
Ministry of Industry Mehmet Gölhan
Ministry Tourism İlhan Eliyaoğlu
Ministry Culture Nermin Neftçi
Ministry of Construction and Settlement Selahattin Babüroğlu
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Erhan Işıl
Ministry of Village Affairs and Cooperatives İsmail Hakı Aydınoğlu
Ministry of Forestry Fikret Saatçioğlu
Ministry of Youth and Sports Zeki Baloğlu


The government did not receive the vote of confidence, but it continued until the formation of the next government. Thus, without a vote of confidence, it continued to rule for more than four months until the 39th government.


Preceded by 38th Government of Turkey
17 November 1974 – 31 March 1975
Succeeded by