38th General Assembly of Nova Scotia

The 38th General Assembly of Nova Scotia represented Nova Scotia between June 25, 1925, through September 5, 1928. The first session of this assembly was convened on February 9, 1926. There were three sessions of the assembly during this period.

The election of 1925 represented a shift in Nova Scotia politics as the 37th General Assembly would mark the return of the Conservatives to government after a forty-three year absence.

One of the most significant pieces of legislation to come out of this General Assembly is that of An Act Abolishing the Legislative Council and Amending the Constitution of the Province, in 1928. This act abolished the Legislative Council of the Nova Scotia Legislature, the legislature's upper house. When Rhodes came into office in 1926, it had only one Conservative member and 17 Liberal members, with three vacancies; Rhodes would ultimately appoint 15 new Councillors in order to pack the Council for means of abolition, while dismissing all but a handful of Liberal Councillors.

Division of seats Edit

There were 42 members of this General Assembly, elected in the 1925 Nova Scotia general election.

Leader Party # of Seats
  Edgar Nelson Rhodes Liberal-Conservative 38
  Ernest Howard Armstrong Liberal 3
  Archibald Terris Labour-Conservative 1
Total 42

List of members Edit

Riding Name Position
  Annapolis County Obediah Parker Goucher
  Harry Thompson MacKenzie
  Antigonish County William Chisholm
  John Laughlin McIsaac
  Cape Breton Centre Gordon Sidney Harrington Minister of Public Works & Mines
  Joseph Macdonald
  Cape Breton East John Carey Douglas Attorney General (1925-6)
  Alexander O'Handley
  Colchester County William Boardman Armstrong
  Frank Stanfield
  Cumberland County Percy Chapman Black Minister of Highways
  Daniel George McKenzie Speaker (1925-6)
  Archibald Terris
  Digby County William Hudson Farnham
  John Louis Philip Robicheau
  Guysborough County Simon Osborn Giffin
  Howard Amos Rice
  Halifax County Josiah Frederick Fraser
  Alexander Montgomerie
  John Francis Mahoney
  John Archibald Walker Minister of Natural Resources
& Provincial Development
  William Drysdale Piercey
  Hants County Albert E. Parsons Speaker (1926-8)
  Edgar Nelson Rhodes Provincial Secretary & Premier
  Inverness County Hubert Meen Aucoin
  Malcolm McKay
  Kings County George Clyde Nowlan
  Reginald Tucker Caldwell
  Lunenburg County Wallace Norman Rehfuss
  William Haslam Smith
  Pictou County John Doull
  Robert Albert Douglas
  Hugh Allan MacQuarrie
  Queens County Frank J.D. Barnjum
  William Lorimer Hall Attorney General (1926–1928)
  Richmond County & Cape Breton West Benjamin Amedeé LeBlanc
  John Alexander MacDonald
  Shelburne County Norman Emmons Smith
  Ernest Reginald Nickerson
  Victoria County Donald Buchanan McLeod
  Philip McLeod
  Yarmouth County John Flint Cahan
  Raymond Neri d'Entremont

Former members of the 37th General Assembly Edit

Name Party Electoral District Cause of departure Succeeded by Elected
  John Alexander MacDonald Conservatives Cape Breton West resigned to run federally John Angus Stewart, Con. February 24, 1926
  Frank J.D. Barnjum Conservatives Queens County resigned March 16, 1926 N/A N/A
  John Carey Douglas Conservatives Cape Breton East resigned to run federally N/A N/A
  • Barnjum resigned due to a failed election promise. Upon being nominated Barnjum promised a mill project for Queens County. By 1928 this had not happened and Barnjum resigned due to the failed promise.

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