35th General Assembly of Nova Scotia

The 35th General Assembly of Nova Scotia represented Nova Scotia between 1911 and 1916.

The Liberal Party led by George Henry Murray formed the government.

James F. Ellis was named speaker in 1912.

The assembly was dissolved on May 22, 1916.

List of Members edit

Electoral District Name Party
Annapolis County O. T. Daniels Liberal
Norman H. Phinney Liberal-Conservative
Antigonish County E. L. Girroir[1]

John Stanfield O'Brien (1913)

Fred Robert Trotter Liberal
County of Cape Breton John C. Douglas Liberal-Conservative
Robert H. Butts Liberal-Conservative
Colchester County Frank Stanfield Liberal-Conservative
Robert H. Kennedy Liberal-Conservative
Cumberland County James L. Ralston Liberal
Rufus S. Carter Liberal
Digby County Joseph Willie Comeau Liberal
Harry Hatheway Marshall Liberal
Guysborough County James C. Tory Liberal
James F. Ellis Liberal
Halifax County F. J. Logan Liberal
George Everett Faulkner Liberal
Robert E. Finn Liberal
Hants County Albert Parsons Liberal-Conservative
James W. Reid Liberal
Inverness County Donald MacLennan Liberal
James MacDonald Liberal
Kings County Harry H. Wickwire Liberal
A. M. Covert Liberal
Lunenburg County Alexander K. MacLean Liberal
Joseph Willis Margeson Liberal-Conservative
Pictou County Robert M. McGregor Liberal
Charles Elliott Tanner Liberal-Conservative
Robert Hugh MacKay Liberal
Queens County William Lorimer Hall Liberal-Conservative
Jordan W. Smith Liberal
Richmond County Simon Joyce Liberal
Charles P. Bissett Liberal
Shelburne County Robert Irwin Liberal
Smith A. Nickerson Liberal
Victoria County George Henry Murray Liberal
Angus A. Buchanan[2] Liberal
Yarmouth County Ernest H. Armstrong Liberal
H. W. Corning

Phillip McLeod (1914)



  1. ^ named to Senate
  2. ^ died in 1914

References edit

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