35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (United States)

The 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (35th ADAB) is an Air Defense Artillery unit of the United States Army subordinate to the Eighth United States Army, located at Osan Air Base in the Republic of Korea.

35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade
Shoulder sleeve insignia
Active2005 – Present
Country United States
Branch United States Army
TypeAir Defense Artillery
Part ofEighth United States Army
Garrison/HQOsan Air Base (South Korea)
Nickname(s)The Dragon Brigade
Motto(s)"Ready in Defense"
ColorsScarlet and Yellow
COL Glenn A. Henke
Aaron Bradshaw Jr.
Distinctive unit insignia35 ADA Bde DUI.png

The 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (35th ADAB) has integrated THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) into its layered defense on the Korean Peninsula.[1]


It was reactivated in November 1948 at Fort Bliss, Texas.[2][better source needed] The 35th Anti-Aircraft Brigade subsequently moved to Fort Meade, Maryland in 1950 to provide anti-aircraft defense of Washington, DC and to plan the defense of other cities in the vicinity. There, the 35th Anti-Aircraft Brigade set an Air Defense Artillery milestone as it became the first Nike-Ajax guided missile command in 1957. In March 1958, the Brigade was redesignated as the 35th Artillery Brigade (Air Defense), and operated the country's first Nike-Hercules site at Davidsonville, Maryland. It included the 1st Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment. The Brigade was inactivated on 4 June 1973 at Fort Meade, Maryland.


Previous UnitsEdit

  •  1st Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment (1-43rd ADAR)
    • Headquarters and Headquarters Battery (HHB)
    • Alpha Battery (PATRIOT) - Suwon, AB
    • Bravo Battery (PATRIOT) - Suwon, AB
    • Charlie Battery (PATRIOT) - Camp Humpherys
    • Delta Battery - (PATRIOT) - Osan, AB
    • Echo Battery - (AVENGER AND SENTINEL TEAMS) - Camp Humphreys
    • Fox Company - (Maintenance) - Suwon, AB


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