33rd New Brunswick Legislature

The 33rd New Brunswick Legislative Assembly represented New Brunswick between February 13, 1913, and January 20, 1917.

Josiah Wood served as Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick.

G.J. Clarke was chosen as speaker in 1913. W.B. Dickson became speaker in 1914 after Clarke became party leader in 1914. O.M. Melanson became speaker in 1916 after Dickson died.

The Conservative Party led by James Kidd Flemming formed the government. George Johnson Clarke became party leader in 1914 when Flemming was forced to resign. When Clarke resigned due to poor health in 1917, James Alexander Murray served as leader until the general election held later that year.

List of MembersEdit

Electoral District Name
Saint John County John M. Baxter
Thomas B. Carson
York Harry F. McLeod[1]
Percy A. Guthrie (1914)
James K. Pinder
Oscar E. Morehouse
John A. Young
Westmorland Frank B. Black
Patrick G. Mahoney[2]
Ernest A. Smith (1916)
William F. Humphrey
Olivier-Maximin Melanson
Kings George B. Jones
James A. Murray
Hedley V. Dickson
Queens Arthur R. Slipp
Harry W. Woods
Charlotte Ward C.H. Grimmer
George J. Clarke
Henry I. Taylor
Scott D. Guptill
Northumberland William L. Allain
John Morrissy
Francis D. Swim
James L. Stewart
Sunbury Parker Glasier
George A. Perley
Kent Thomas J. Bourque
D.V. Landry
Gloucester Joseph B. Hachey
Alfred J. Witzell
A.J.H. Stewart
Martin J. Robichaud
Carleton James K. Fleming[3]
Benjamin F. Smith (1915)
Donald Munro[4]
William S. Sutton (1916)
George L. White
Restigouche David A. Stewart
Arthur Culligan
Albert Walter B. Dickson
George D. Prescott
Victoria J. Leigh White
Thomas J. Carter
Madawaska Louis-Auguste Dugal
Joseph H. Pelletier
Saint John City John E. Wilson
Leonard P. Tilley
Charles B. Lockhart
Phillip Grannan
Moncton Otto B. Price


  1. ^ elected to federal seat
  2. ^ named to cabinet; lost subsequent by-election
  3. ^ resigned
  4. ^ resigned


  • Canadian Parliamentary Guide, 1916, EJ Chambers
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