30th General Assembly of Nova Scotia

The 30th General Assembly of Nova Scotia represented Nova Scotia between 1890 and 1894.

The Liberal Party led by William Stevens Fielding formed the government.

Michael J. Power was chosen as speaker for the house.

The assembly was dissolved on February 14, 1894.

List of MembersEdit

Electoral District Name Party
Annapolis County Henry H. Chute Liberal
J. W. Longley Liberal
Antigonish County Angus McGillivray[1]

Christopher P. Chisholm (1891)

Colin F. McIsaac Liberal
County of Cape Breton Angus J. McDonald Liberal
Joseph McPherson [1]

Joseph McPherson (1891)

Colchester County George Clarke Liberal
Frederick Andrew Laurence Liberal
Cumberland County George W. Forrest Liberal-Conservative
William Oxley Liberal-Conservative
Digby County Ambrose H. Comeau Liberal
Eliakim E. Tupper Liberal
Guysborough County Alexander F. Cameron Liberal-Conservative
Hamilton Morrow Liberal-Conservative
Halifax County William S. Fielding Liberal
Michael Joseph Power Liberal
William Roche, Jr. Liberal
Hants County Allen Haley[1]

Arthur Drysdale (1891)

Thomas B. Smith Liberal-Conservative
Inverness County John McKinnon Liberal
Daniel McNeil Liberal
Kings County Barclay Webster Liberal-Conservative
Alfred P. Welton Liberal
Lunenburg County Charles E. Church Liberal
John D. Sperry Liberal
Pictou County William Cameron Liberal-Conservative
Alexander Grant Liberal-Conservative
James D. McGregor Liberal
Queens County Albert M. Hemeon Liberal
Richard Hunt Liberal
Richmond County Abraham LeBlanc Liberal
Joseph Matheson Liberal
Shelburne County Thomas Johnston Liberal
Charles H. Cahan Liberal-Conservative
Victoria County John L. Bethune Conservative
John A. Fraser Liberal
Yarmouth County Albert Gayton[2]

Forman Hatfield (1890)

William Law Liberal


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