30th Berlin International Film Festival

The 30th annual Berlin International Film Festival was held from 18–29 February 1980.[1] The Golden Bear was awarded to the American film Heartland directed by Richard Pearce and West German film Palermo oder Wolfsburg directed by Werner Schroeter.[2]

30th Berlin International Film Festival
30th Berlin International Film Festival poster.jpg
Festival poster
LocationWest Berlin, Germany
AwardsGolden Bear (Heartland, Palermo oder Wolfsburg)
Festival date18–29 February 1980
Berlin International Film Festival chronology

The retrospective was dedicated to American filmmaker Billy Wilder along with a 3D films retrospective.[3] Moritz de Hadeln became the director of the festival and increased the efforts in expansion of Berlin film market.[4] To ease tensions with the Soviet Union due to the Cold War era at the moment, the organizers decided to withdraw the films Ninotchka and One, Two, Three from the Billy Wilder retrospective.[1]


Ingrid Thulin, Jury President

The following people were announced as being on the jury for the festival:[5]

Films in competitionEdit

The following films were in competition for the Golden Bear award:

English title Original title Director(s) Country
Bizalom István Szabó Hungary
Seeking Asylum Chiedo asilo Marco Ferreri Italy
Der Preis fürs Überleben Hans Noever West Germany
Germany, Pale Mother Deutschland bleiche Mutter Helma Sanders-Brahms West Germany
The Orchestra Conductor Dyrygent Andrzej Wajda Poland
The Enemy Düşman Zeki Ökten and Yılmaz Güney Turkey
The Crime of Cuenca El crimen de Cuenca Pilar Miró Spain
Heartland Richard Pearce USA
Hlavy Petr Sís Czechoslovakia
Im Herzen des Hurrican Hark Bohm West Germany
The Raven's Dance Korpinpolska Markku Lehmuskallio Finland
Death Watch La Mort en direct Bertrand Tavernier France
The Widow of Montiel La Viuda de Montiel Miguel Littín Mexico, Colombia
Le Voyage en douce Michel Deville France
Good Riddance Les Bons débarras Francis Mankiewicz Canada
Marigolds in August Ross Devenish South Africa
Marmalade Revolution Marmeladupproret Erland Josephson Sweden
Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears Москва слезам не верит Moskva slezam ne verit Vladimir Menshov Soviet Union
Palermo or Wolfsburg Palermo oder Wolfsburg Werner Schroeter West Germany
Rod Gröth Jörg Moser-Metius West Germany
Rude Boy Jack Hazan and David Mingay United Kingdom
Solo Sunny Solo Sunny Konrad Wolf and Wolfgang Kohlhaase East Germany
Transit טרנזיט Transit Daniel Wachsmann Israel

Out of competitionEdit


Winner of the main award for best film in its section


The following films were shown in the retrospective dedicated to Billy Wilder:

English title Original title Director(s) Country
Ace in the Hole Billy Wilder USA
A Foreign Affair Billy Wilder USA
Avanti! Billy Wilder USA, Italy
The Daredevil Reporter Der Teufelsreporter Ernst Laemmle Germany
Double Indemnity Billy Wilder USA
A Blonde Dream Ein blonder Traum Paul Martin Germany
Emil and the Detectives Emil und die Detektive Gerhard Lamprecht Germany
Fedora Billy Wilder West Germany
Five Graves to Cairo Billy Wilder USA
Irma la Douce Billy Wilder USA
Kiss Me, Stupid Billy Wilder USA
Love in the Afternoon Billy Wilder USA
Mauvaise Graine Billy Wilder France
People on Sunday Menschen am Sonntag Billy Wilder Germany
Sabrina Billy Wilder USA
Scampolo Scampolo, ein Kind der Straße Hans Steinhoff Germany, Austria
Some Like It Hot Billy Wilder USA
Stalag 17 Billy Wilder USA
Sunset Boulevard Billy Wilder USA
The Apartment Billy Wilder USA
The Emperor Waltz Billy Wilder USA
The Fortune Cookie Billy Wilder USA
The Front Page Billy Wilder USA
The Lost Weekend Billy Wilder USA
The Major and the Minor Billy Wilder USA
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes Billy Wilder USA
The Seven Year Itch Billy Wilder USA
The Spirit of St. Louis Billy Wilder USA
Witness for the Prosecution Billy Wilder USA

The following films were shown in the retrospective dedicated to 3-D films:

English title Original title Director(s) Country
Bwana Devil Arch Oboler USA
Creature from the Black Lagoon Jack Arnold USA
Dial M for Murder Alfred Hitchcock USA
Flesh for Frankenstein (aka Andy Warhol's Frankenstein) Paul Morrissey USA
Gorilla at Large Harmon Jones USA
House of Wax Andre DeToth USA
Inferno Roy Ward Baker USA
It Came from Outer Space Jack Arnold USA
Phantom of the Rue Morgue Roy Del Ruth USA
Dynasty 千刀萬里追 Qian dao wan li zhu Mei-Chun Chang Taiwan, Hong Kong
Revenge of the Shogun Women (a.k.a. 13 Nuns) 十三女尼 Shi shan nu ni Mei-Chun Chang Taiwan, Hong Kong
The Mad Magician John Brahm USA
The Mask Julian Roffman Canada


Werner Schroeter, one of the winners of the Golden Bear at the event

The following prizes were awarded by the Jury:[2]


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