The 3. liga (3rd league) is the third-tier football league in Slovakia. From the 2022–23 season it consists of two groups, group East (15 teams) and group West (16 teams).[1]

3. liga
Organising bodySlovak Football Association
Number of teams31
Level on pyramid3
Promotion to2. liga
Relegation to4. liga
Domestic cup(s)Slovak Cup (in Slovak)
Current: 2023–24

Sponsorship edit

Period Sponsor Name
1993–2006 No main sponsor 3. liga
2006–2011 No main sponsor 2. liga
2011–2012 No main sponsor 3. liga[2]
2012–2013 Tipos Keno 10 3. liga
2013–? Tipos TIPOS III.liga
?-present No main sponsor 3. liga[1]

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