2nd Wisconsin Infantry Regiment (1898)

The 2nd Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, reconstituted in 1898, was as an infantry regiment that served in the United States Army during the Spanish–American War. The regiment served in the Puerto Rico campaign.[1]

2nd Wisconsin Infantry Regiment
Flag of Wisconsin.svg
ActiveMay 12, 1898 – November 21, 1898
CountryUnited States
EngagementsSpanish–American War
ColonelCharles A. Born


The 2nd Wisconsin Infantry was mustered into service on May 12, 1898, at Camp Harvey in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a strength of 49 officers and 972 enlisted men.[2]

They proceeded to Camp Thomas, near the old Chickamauga battlefield in Tennessee, to prepare for battle in the Caribbean.[1] The regiment was stricken by an outbreak of Typhoid fever. They were sent to South Carolina to prepare for the invasion of Cuba, but were delayed due to logistical problems and missed the Cuba campaign.[1] Instead, in July of 1898, they joined the Puerto Rico campaign. They occupied the cities of Ponce and Coamo, and engaged in skirmishing in that area until the cessation of hostilities in August.[1]

The 2nd Wisconsin Infantry returned to Wisconsin in September and was mustered out of service on November 21, 1898.[3] At the time of mustering out, the unit consisted of 48 officers and 1,248 enlisted men.[2]


The 2nd Wisconsin Infantry suffered 39 enlisted men who died of disease, plus 5 additional men who were discharged for disability, court martial, or other causes, and 1 desertion.[2]


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