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The 2nd Tactical Wing (Dutch: 2 Tactische Wing, French: 2 Wing Tactique) is a wing in the Air Component of the Belgian Armed Forces at Florennes air force base in the Southern French speaking part of Belgium near the (small) city of Dinant. It comprises the 1st Squadron and the 350th Squadron of the Air Component.The 2nd wing has the famous patch/logo of a red comet (Dutch: De komeet, French: La comete)

2nd Tactical Wing
2 Wing (Belgium).png
CountryBelgium Belgium
BranchAir Component
Garrison/HQFlorennes Air Base
Mascot(s)A wild boar called Bullrush
Colonel Michel Colles
Aircraft flown
FighterF-16 Fighting Falcon, previous; Dassault Mirage 5, and the F-104 Starfighter

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